• Reluctance to Shave - Risk to Health
    Is WorkSafe's Life Shavers campaign getting any traction, do you think?
  • Tell us something about yourself that might surprise readers
    @Don Ramsay Enough of the teasers. We need the tale told in a paragraph.
  • No jab, no job?
    This piece in Stuff by employment lawyer Susan Hornsby-Geluk is enlightening on this topic.

    Great final line: "As a first tip to employers, do not ask for a show of hands as to who has been vaccinated in your staff meeting."
  • Frivolous Friday Mk2 AKA The Dead Horse?
    Five-second video offering a rare illustration of the little known Reverse Swiss Cheese Effect, whereby the hazard gets past all the perfectly aligned holes but causes no harm.
  • Frivolous Friday Mk2 AKA The Dead Horse?
    Danish road safety video. (Warning: features Vikings)
    Why can't more safety videos be like this?
  • Humans are the glue?
    Haven't had many responses to this one yet - don't be shy - the survey is anonymous!

    I reckon many Forum members will have encountered work teams who manage to get the work done despite - not because of - the system they find themselves having work in.

    Write a paragraph about it here.
  • Should charges be laid against business owners as officers?
    I'd love to see an article by a lawyerChris Peace

    Working on it ...
  • Should charges be laid against business owners as officers?
    Good point. I think Olivia means SMEs only, ie: the type of small outfit that liquidates itself and then re-emerges trading under a new name, using the same equipment and owner/operator.
  • Display boards with "Number of days since last LTI"
    Outstanding pic! A velociraptor in every H&S office?
  • H&S Practitioner or H&S Professional?
    I was fortunate to be in Singapore in 2017 for a conference (those were the days!) and attended the signing of the INSHPO document.
    I recall feeling dismayed to read the pages of description as INSHPO used hundreds of words to try to distinguish between 'practitioner' and 'professional'.
    As Peter Blake might have said, does all this effort to define two supposed categories make the boat go faster? Does it prevent more worker illness and injury?
    Happy to be enlightened.
  • Legal responsibilities of health and safety professionals
    I can't recall a New Zealand H&S practitioner being charged by WorkSafe, though it certainly could happen.
    However here's an example from the UK last year where a consultant was fined a modest amount for giving poor advice.
  • Manual Handling Injury Prevention
    @Philip Aldridge The results of this survey could be of interest here?
  • Board Reporting
    Measuring What Matters has been around for 4 or 5 years now but still worth a look.
  • In car phone use policy
    While Forum members are looking for their phone policies, here is an earlier thread which could be of relevance.
  • Due Diligence and "grey literature"
    Mike, not so sure that 'worker directors' is a neo-liberal idea, but setting that aside, there is always the German system to consider, whereby in companies of a certain size workers get to elect several of their number to sit on the board as directors.
  • Due Diligence and "grey literature"
    A pinch and a punch for the first of the month, as my mother used to say.
    I too despair of academic writing, which too often looks like circling the wagons of language to keep non-speakers out.
    But buried somewhere in that paper is an interesting idea, if only someone could translate it for us.
    Any volunteers?
  • Due Diligence and "grey literature"
    Chris, apologies for not addressing your question, but I've had a quick scan of the paper you link to and it is fascinating. It suggest a way to strengthen the due diligence obligations of officers under the HSW Act.

    This is the paper's conclusion:

    "A possible solution would be the use of SRA-type structures where industry associations would help officers come up with compliance plans that would then be approved by WorkSafe. These associations would be able to extend regulatory capacity by devolving some responsibility for regulation on private parties. In order to maintain the accountability of those private parties and to avoid a neo-liberal spiral, a modified type of judicial review process can be used to hold the SRA-type structures accountable. There should also be duties for internal regulators to report repeated or breaches of the due diligence duties to WorkSafe. Tensions within the SRA-type structures are bound to exist, but an external committee that can review the functions of the SRA may help to smooth relationships."

    (SRA = self-regulated associations)

    Whew. Fascinating. What does the brains trust think?
  • NZ Workplace H&S Awards 2021 - entries close today!
    Left your run too late? Not so! Most award entries arrive in the last few days before the deadline.

    So be sure to spend half an hour reflecting on your most successful health, safety or wellbeing initiatives of the last year to 18 months. (If you are an external adviser, encourage your clients to do the same.)

    Also recall the key people behind them who went the extra mile to make good things happen. You know who they are.

    Then enter your best initiative into an organisational category, and your best person into an individual category.

    As always, entry is free and simple. Do it now!
  • What can we learn from Australia?
    The Part 2 report (same link) answers your question about regulatory spending, at least in terms of regulator's resources. The ratio of inspectors across jurisdictions is roughly comparable.

    I'm particularly interested in hearing from people with significant work experience in Australia: what have you noticed about their H&S practice or culture which stands out?