• Position Paper on Cannabis
    "However, we believe that the Cannabis and Legalisation Control Bill as its currently drafted, risks leaving New Zealand organisations confused and unclear about how to manage cannabis as a legal substance in a work environment"

    I'm seeing it every single day. I'm auditing at least 5 companies a week and when we get to the legislation evidence requirements there is always a discussion around the impact on their business, around this. At this stage, I've yet to meet a client who will be voting yes, purely because they don't know what that will mean for them and their workers or don't like where they think it's going. I don't have the time to go into all the details with them during the audit process, so we definitely need some resources for those business owners. I'm recommending they talk to TDDA so I hope that's the best direction for them and I'm doing the right thing.
  • to ISO or not to ISO
    I'm ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001 and the main changes I've found (particularly around quality) as the standards have morphed is that it's gone from a this is what you must do and this is how you must do it style, to a this must be controlled and how you do that is up to you type system. It means when I'm implementing that it's so much smoother, we can bring together existing systems with new requirements and the client always seems to find it a simple process, from my POV anyway. And when I'm auditing I get to see a million and one ways to do things, which only improves myself as an auditor.

    I started out working with a larger company in the 90s and it put me off. Now, I am loving it again. I think it's far more productive for companies and continual improvement.
  • Legality on company ToolBox Meetings
    The requirement to sign off is being used more, as some prequals were requiring it at one point.

    The reason for that is protection around an individual being at a meeting but maybe not being there for the entire thing. The sign off is effectively then saying I understand and accept everything that was in the meeting. It's now on them to find out what happened when they went out for that call. They can't use the excuse that they missed that bit anymore, if anything goes wrong.
  • Compliance Schedule
    Hi Michelle,

    If you haven't found exactly what you need yet, I have an Implementation Timetable I give out to clients when I'm doing training. Sets out what I want them to do immediately, every month, every three months, six-monthly etc. One page. If you'd like a copy, send me a message.
  • Introduce yourself here!
    Hi there,
    I'm Karen from INTL, that's my contracting company which is 20 years old next year, so I'm thinking I should celebrate that. I contract to eSafety NZ, Bay Underwater and various other companies, job-dependent. Always new people to meet, albeit briefly.
    I'm mostly involved with getting clients through the never-ending prequals (and I thought WSMP was slightly annoying, I knew nothing), training, policy development, system implementation, inspections, reviews, whatever the client needs.
    I also have a product development/training studio which I use for mental health breaks, so those clients sometimes also need H&S advice as well.
    Great forum, wish I had more time at the moment to read through things.
  • Legal Cannabis and Safety
    I'm in the middle of this one, as I'm not only a product developer with clients wanting medicinal products designed and developed, I'm also an H&S consultant to many and varied companies (studio time keeps me sane amidst all the policies and legislation). So, I actually have qualifications and experience in several related areas; herbal medicine, aromatherapy, medicinal marijuana, science and health and safety. I did the master certificate in medical cannabis in 2016.
    There have been a number of overseas companies working on this issue, two were very close to nailing it and I understand one is going to launch their product soon if they haven't already. However, initially I think cost will be prohibitive as they will be a machine and I'm confident they won't be cheap. That's what will be needed for roadside testing as well.

    We recommend the common sense method when it comes to THC testing, as I'm aware of the issue of people changing to serious drugs as an alternative which leaves the body quickly. We recommend you just talk to your workers, look them in the eye and chat to them and if they seem affected then take it further. Up until then however, if you want to keep great staff who have a smoke at the weekend, consider saliva testing or just physical assessment.
    That's of course, if your business is able to do that. Some need to comply with outside influences.
  • Contractor Pre qualification /approval systems
    Despite the fact that it's my main role, getting clients through them all... Hear hear!
  • Sharing health and safety documentation with your team members
    We use OneDrive. Different folders are shared with specific clients. Easy to use on mobile. Can store huge amounts of information.