• Adam Parkinson
    I am looking for advice or suggestions for good (ideally NZ-based) H&S mgmt software (cloud or server-based) I am currently trialing SafetyMonitor.
    My current main tools for tracking and recording competencies/expiries, inductions/expiries (both at homebase and at many of our clients’ sites), equipment/PPE/Plant/vehicle etc cheeks and all the rest – is excel spreadsheets - dozens (and outlook).
    I manage about 50 techs going to 100's of commercial sites to maintain& service HVAC systems, in Auckland. Managing all the different sites and their own proprietary induction systems and prequal requirements is an added complication.
    So what I currently have has become unwieldy and time consuming, and therefore inefficient, not to mention very hard for anyone else to pick up and use.

    I know that these programs also have hazard, Incident and other functionalities too - which is fine

    Things like the longevity of any company behind the package as well as avoiding simply transferring current inefficiencies to another system is very pertinent too.
  • Stuart Oakey
    Hi Adam, have a look at Peoplesafe.co.nz . It's a popular application, and there is a waiting list. I showed my GM and he agreed it would be the right application for our company.
  • Mike Saunders

    I have been using Vault for many years and can highly recommend it
  • Tim Beach
    Hi Adam. We are using SafetyBase.co.nz It is cloud based NZ software that covers all the bases, and straightforward to use. With its mobile platform capability it could help you manage a number of areas beyond your core requirements.
  • Phil Anderson
    Hi Adam, we are using Vault, it is an excellent Health & Safety software program designed for any size business and very easy to use. I highly recommend this program.
  • HSQE
    Hi Adam
    We too use Vault and have done for many years. It started as a sole H&S module but is now a fully integrated Management System. It has Apps that allow for on-site monitoring, auditing and checks etc.
    Fantastic! Check it out at https://www.vaultintel.com/
  • James Williamson
    Hi Adam
    Have a look at https://www.safer.me Its a reporting tool for H&S. Very easy to use. I have been using it for the last year. It could work for you.
  • Brian Ballantyne
    Hi Adam, I think Assura is worth a look for small to medium businesses. Very cost effective compared to the likes of Vault etc. Very customisable by user and nothing locked down. www.assurasortware.com

    ChCh based company that always respond to queries.
  • Michelle Muir
    We are also reviewing our safety database, with an emphasis on accessing training records in the field. Its no good having a training matrix if the data isn't available where the guys are working. Does anyone have a current database which makes the training data accessible?
  • Lisa Frost
    We also use the Vault and have been since 2007, highly recommend it :)
  • Gina
    Mango seems to be a good system. Its cloud based, works on mobile, tracks everything from training (can upload a copy of rol) through to reminders of when items are due and allows you to load your own forms. I saw it yesterday so not 100% sure about the reporting function. https://www.mangolive.com
  • TracyR
    I am find SkyTrust quite good
  • Dave Page

    Mango is good. Also used for food safety management
  • Zara
    We are also currently investigating a new online system.
    We have looked at many options and our final 2 systems are Eco-Portal & Mango.
    Would anyone be willing to share their experiences with either of these systems?
  • Adam Parkinson
    Thanks Everyone for the suggestions.
  • Rachael
    Just another one to add to the list;

    We moved from Mango to Safety Manager Pro (found at bware.co.nz) and after trialling Peoplesafe and Vault.

  • Stuart Oakey
    Was there anything in particular with PeopleSafe that you didn't like?
  • Rachael
    There was nothing that we didn't like about it as a system, but it wasn't fit for purpose for our operation when compared with some of the other options. I've sent a PM with a couple of specifics :)
  • Andrew
    Within PayGlobal we have a whole suite of safety stuff including keeping track of competencies, issued PPE, HSNO register and training records. Along with risk management and incident data recording
  • Mike Massaar
    We have used Risk Manager from Impac for many years. Very happy with it.
  • Andrew Jorgensen
    Is anyone prepared to share their trials and outcomes when selecting a particular system
  • Nathan Gordon

    I have looked at a large number of systems, including both NZ and overseas options (Noggin,etc...). I found Vault scored quite low when comparing GAP data. I have yet to see a software platform (under 180k) that delivers near 100% in the following criteria.

    - Location
    - Supplier (NZ)
    - Software (i:e workflow management and tracking, security, cloud, windows,google)
    - Document control
    - Accident Reporting
    - Training Systems
    - Functionality
    - Audit Capability's
    - Sub-Contractor management

    One system I did like the look of is called SecurePass ()

    Anyone wanting more info, feel free to email me on
  • Mark G

    Likewise Rachael and Stuart, EnableHR was another we trialed and subsequently settled on Bware. Very cool ability to pull together the SSSP + mobility, client notifications etc especially helpful in the construction sector.
  • Rachael
    One thing to add on HSMS software.

    Any software is basically a collation tool for information. The key is to make sure the information is purposeful.

    The information you get out will equal the information you put in.This means you need to be very clear about what you expect it to do and how it will help in the big picture.

    From there you can work it back to the inputs you need to get that outcome.

    A lot of systems also have functions that you wont use, or involve so much data-entry they are just too inefficient to use, and sometimes you will still need to supplement the useful modules with the good old excel spread sheets. But trial trial trial... until you find one that suits your needs and helps you make your work environment a better place.

  • Tony Walton
    Good on you Rachael - so true - great advice.
  • Nathan Gordon
    What ever the choice in software, just stay away from anything bespoke! (unless you have truck loads of cash on hand)
  • Peter Bateman
    As a long-time software developer in a previous life I can only agree.

    (Note: this previous life is now almost beyond living memory; let's just say it was before the internet era.)
  • Chris Lambeth
    I have been using Safety Manger (Bware.co.nz) for over 10 years now and have found it to be very good and is a NZ based system.
  • Jean
    We implemented Ecoportal a couple of months ago and its working really well so far. Its handy to have a lot of different tools in one place such as storing meeting minutes, risk register, injury management and checklists. Mobile version also handy for Reps completing checklists. Great feedback from users so far and our HS Reps love it. Great improvement on previous systems such as risk manager and vault. User friendly and no training required. Great team to work with, quick to respond and implementing changes that we’ve requested.
  • craig christie
    Hi Adam,
    We have built a fit for purpose international platform with Ecoportal. Our team find it easy to use and we now get some pretty good data to focus our priorities on. As per the previous comments, information must be easy to input or you simply get nonsense out the other end. I went through an extensive exercise at the start to compare options and although there is a lot of work in writing a system from scratch i have had a great platform developed that is very specific to our business and most importantly our areas of risk. have a look at their website www.ecoportal.com i'm happy to give more information if needed
  • Chris O'Flaherty
    Hi Adam,
    I'm the HSE manager at Juken NZ Ltd and we too have also purchased ecoPortal this year. It's a great HSMS system where you can store all HSE information and it's very easy for the end user to work with, which is a must. I've used other systems in the past and we spent considerable effort looking at other systems before making the decision to purchase this one. The key reasons were the ease of use and it provides a single platform. We've bought 18-19 modules and are modifying them to suit our needs as we roll them out. ecoPortal are great to deal with and it's a bonus they are a NZ Auckland based company. Happy to discuss if you wish to.


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