• Craig Marriott
    The following is a post I've just put on LinkedIn - if it sparks any interest, please let me know:

    I have a had a few discussions with various people wanting to continue the momentum of new safety approaches in New Zealand – with a particular emphasis on the practical aspects and experience in implementation.
    This post is just to gauge interest in the development of some form of NZ community of practice to share ideas, successes and lessons learned – maybe kicking off with a workshop/seminar, followed by more informal ongoing discussion groups etc. Very much open to ideas as to how to go about it.
    If you’re interested, please comment below, or send me a message directly and once I’ve got an initial feel for the level of enthusiasm, I’ll come back to people with some more concrete suggestions.
    Please pass on to anyone else who may be interested.
  • Simon Lawrence
    I think this suggestion deserved more than 4 days deafening silence Craig, but you may need to expand a bit more. After all, isn't "a community of practice" just what this Forum is?

    But maybe what differentiates your idea is in the title - "New thinking"?

    If you want to break new ground, challenge conventional thinking and throw a few moulds against the wall, maybe there's a place for that. I know there are a few people on or around this Forum who like to bust myths and challenge assumptions. That's where "new thinking" comes from.

    Can you post a link to your LinkedIn article?
  • Craig Marriott
    I have had some direct messaging from people, so it’s not entirely tumbleweeds.

    The LinkedIn post is simply a call for interest as well. The idea of a community of practice is a bit more involved than a simple forum, with options for workshops, meetings, definition of good practice etc, based on sharing of practical implementation of new ideas. It’s about turning good thinking into real practice and demonstrable results.

    I think there is a real appetite for change, but people are not necessarily sure how to go about it. I’m trying to avoid attaching labels to it, but whether people are thinking about safety II, safety differently, HOP, resilience engineering, systems and complexity theory or just having bright ideas that are worth sharing. The sort of disruption topics that the Safeguard conference theme is about in May.

    The next step is to engage with interested parties and work out what they would like to see – very user led – and then try to make that happen.
  • Sheri Greenwell
    Please count me in!
  • Mike Saunders
    Happy to be in these types of discussions
  • Jeff Mackrell
    So you're proposing to reinvent the wheel here - NZ Safety Council; NZISM; NZIRM to name a few - rather than set up something new, why not join something that already exists?
  • Jan Hall
    Apologies for the silence. I tend only to go onto the forum when Peter sends an email update. Yes, I'd be happy to be counted in!
  • Steph Ryall
    Will look for it on Linked in
  • Jessica Lowson
    I would be interested, how would this be different from HASANZ?
  • Brian Parker
    I would also like to take part
  • Craig Marriott
    Fair point, but I would expect this to be pretty informal - no joining fees, no membership tiers, no getting involved just to get CPD points. Just a chance for people thinking in the same space to share ideas and experiences. Just like some of the other forums that are happening around the country on process safety, safety in design etc. I've also had several people from Australia interested in being involved somehow as well.
  • Craig Marriott
    HASANZ is just a register of accredited providers - there are no discussions or events apart from the conference (at least as far as I'm aware). Comparing to other organisations - see my reply to Jeff Mackrell
  • Jessica Lowson
    sounds great, Craig. I'd be keen to be involved.
  • Sherralynne Smith
    Sounds really interesting Craig, count me in too.
  • Antony Kitchener
    I would be interested to be involved also. This is something we would like to establish across DHBs also.
  • Tania Curtin
    Definitely interested in this
  • E Baxter
    Interested as well
  • Andrew
    Unfortunately I only have a limited concentration span. More than one type of forum resource and I get a bit befuddled.
  • TracyR
    I would be interested in this. Always good to network and share ideas
  • Craig Marriott
    Thanks to everyone who has replied - I will send out some initial information shortly.
  • LouiseB
    Hi Craig, sounds great! I would be interested too.
  • Sheree Box
    Sounds interesting, I like the informal approach
  • Craig McFall
    Hi Craig, I would be interested to join in please.
  • rebecca telfer
    sounds interesting , count me in
  • Marion Edwin
    Hi Craig, only spotted this when it came in my weekly digest. Perhaps you could give me a call? Much of the topics you note fit very tidily alongside the systems-focused work of human factors professionals so it is a very strong fit with the work of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand. Perhaps those strongly interested in these topics should be HFESNZ members and the discussions can be part of our reach? Am conscious that with many in the field there is some 'interest group fatigue', and I think their is room to consciously work to strengthen existing professional groups rather than splinter them into a rash of smaller fora. We do already cover this sort of thinking in our work via HFESNZ. And as someone mentioned, this is a strong topic of interest among the healthcare community currently - an issue that we will actively be addressing in our September conference offerings. Comms on this yet to come, but keep your eyes open for it.
  • Janet Mary Houston
    I'm interested .. please count me in
  • Peter Bateman
    Gentle reminder to all members: when you wish to reply to another member with something that adds no value to the discussion (eg: "thanks", or "I'm in") the best way to do it is via private message, so it doesn't clutter up the main thread.

    Private messages are easy to send. Just click on a member's profile icon and then select "Send a message", and off you go. No one else will see these messages - just you and the recipient.
  • Sheri Greenwell
    Articles in the recent Safeguard Magazine on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) are particularly relevant to this discussion.
  • Philip Aldridge
    Hi Craig,

    HASANZ is happy to be involved and support the initiative. I responded on LinkedIn.

    HASANZ is a lot more than a Register of professionals. We are very focused on workforce development including:
    - We are currently undertaking a stocktake of the H&S disciplines looking a current numbers, future demand, pay, pathways into the disciplines, what people like about the profession, etc. This will be published in July. Following that we will be focusing on fixing the gaps in education, attracting more people to the H&S field, etc.
    - A three-year project to grow the number of Occupational Hygienists. We are aiming to establish a similar project for hazardous professionals
    - A scholarship programme. We raised $250k last year and awarded 19 scholarships. We are looking to expand this year with applications open from July.

    We do run a bi-annual Conference. We are in the process of setting up an Event Series in-conjunction with Duncan Cotterill

    HASANZ is also:
    - Co-designing a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) programme in-conjunction with ACC
    - We are looking at a new approach for H&S Reps in conjunction with WorkSafe, CTU and Business NZ
    - Plus, how to target SMEs.

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