• Bevan Johnstone
    Firstly I would like to introduce myself: My name is Bevan, I have recently concluded an 18 year career as a health care practitioner treating cancer patients in both NZ and overseas. I decided to retrain in Health and Safety as I find the field really interesting and I see our potential to make real change in this country for the better.

    This brings me to by request for assistance. I am completing a Grad Dip in OHS and need participants to complete a short easy survey. Could you donate 10- 15 minutes of your time to help a colleague please?

    The survey is examining the working environment for people in occupational health and safety and its potential relationship with our national safety performance. Many of you will know that our performance is poor when compared internationally. My question is; is our working environment a factor? This is a novel research area with only one other international research study done in this area, therefore the survey is broad and your input is critical to determining the answer.

    So far the study has been promoted by the NZISM and on a couple of forums on facebook. I have since learned of this premier forum and have come to ask for your help! 45 people have responded which I am grateful for, but as you all know, the more that participate, the stronger the evidence. Please consider helping me and our profession by considering your participation as well as sharing the survey with your colleagues.

    The survey closes on the 28th of April, more information is available here and the link to the survey is here.

    To avoid biasing the results please direct any questions, comments or criticism directly to me at or call me on 021 1799 581.

    Thank you,
  • Bevan Johnstone
    Good morning people!
    I hope you have had a great Easter break.

    I just want to renew my call for help with this research project. We have hit 60 responses out of the thousands of us in OH&S, if you could spare to 10-15 minutes to complete a short survey it would be most appreciated (and improve the statistical strength of the research). The survey closes soon so please take the opportunity to have your say on your work environment.
    Thank you to everyone who has already helped by completing the survey or shared the link. And here is a thank you in advance to those of you who choose to help now.

    Have a great week.

  • Bevan Johnstone

    Hi Carolyn

    Thank you for your message, yes I would be happy to do both.
    If you would like to email me directly I will send you a copy in the future.

    Thank you for your time and help!

    Kind Regards,
  • Bevan Johnstone
    I would like to thank those who have given up some of their time and shared their experiences and perspectives! Thank you!

    Cheers Bevan
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