• Mike Cosman
    Hi Forum,
    As we all know workplace traffic management is a big issue and a major cause of fatal and serious incidents. I have a number of clients who understand the need to improve their site layout, vehicle and driver standards but need someone to work with them to develop this into a site traffic management plan. Whilst there are equipment suppliers out there who will sell you lots of rails, posts and other hardware Im not aware of anyone with specific capability in taking a holistic view of pedestrian and vehicle interaction and who can engage with all stakeholders on the site to develop something that's workable. Any suggestions? Thanks. Mike
  • Andrew
    Sorry Mike - got no names for you. But we have been through this. First was creating a mind set of no vehicle moments on the floor. Once we got over that hurdle in was then just a matter of applying thought to re-engineering processes to achieve that. In the end it wasn't that hard. Vehicle movements now reduced something like 95% (and still not a high viz to be seen anywhere - hurray!)
  • Sarah Bond
    Hi Mike,

    There is some good stuff in Worksafe's WORKPLACE TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Fact Sheet, and 'The Absolutely Essential Health and Safety Toolkit (Manufacturing)' p. 13 Although, it's a shame that all the links in the document are broken due to the reconfiguring of the Worksafe website, it would have been nice if Worksafe had known how to index its old site and maintain links so you could search them ***sigh***

    Safe Work Australia has 'Workplace traffic management guidance material' which is my personal 'Go To' https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/collection/workplace-traffic-management-guidance-material

    Even though it's really marketing material, 'Plant Services' has an excellent floor marking 'colours' guide based on Lean/Agile manufacturing principles. See https://www.plantservices.com/assets/wp_downloads/pdf/110404_Brady.pdf

    Also, check out https://www.slosipe.org/media/documents/Safety_Zones_Around_Machinery.pdf it talks about what they do in the USA for various bits of plant i.e. bench saws (sadly it's al in feet).
  • Margaret
    Hi Mike we can help with this we assist a number of clients with managing these risks , our approach includes completing Vehicle Movement Studies and development of overall site Traffic Management Plans. Give me a call 0210 701 7704. Regards Margaret
  • Karl Bridges
    Hey Mike,
    We did some work for CHASNZ looking at Safety II thinking around people and plant. Also trialling a vehicle/people proximity warning system for a customer. This also rings of human factors particularly workplace layout, decision making and aspects of safety by design. Feel free to get in touch, or have a look at the HASANZ register. I am contactable on LinkedIn, or ask Helen for my number.

    Cheers, Karl
  • Michael Wilson
    Hello Sarah,

    I agree. This has been very useful for us in our planning.
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