• Jo Lumsden
    Hi People,
    I am really interested in your thoughts on the various software management systems that are out there for SME's to use. Most of the smaller businesses can't afford a tailored option.
    I would be really keen to hear the pro's and con's of any that you are familiar with. Either from purely a H&S focus or more into the integrated space.
  • Sharyn Foote
    Hi Jo, I have used and implemented a few systems so would be happy to converse with you about this. Feel free to email me for a chat.
  • Jo Lumsden
    Thanks Sharyn, I appreciate the offer. However, I was really hoping to get some feedback from end users.
  • Michael Wilson
    Hello Jo,

    Unless it is fully integrated with the business systems it will struggle. Finding a package that will integrate with the Office365/Sharepoint/Active directory environment has difficult. Providers will happy charge you thousands to load your user and site data in to their system but it means committing to ongoing tasks every-time you have a starter, mover or leaver.

    We are currently looking at installing convergepoint later this year most due to the price point and intergration.
  • Jono Johnson
    Hi Jo,

    In a previous life the business I was working for used "Intelex". It can be a big a beast as you want or scaled right back to as small or the lesser amount of input that you want. Once I got the hang of it I loved it.
  • Tony Donahoe
    Good topic Jo. I have been thinking about this too lately. I would be interested in systems that have quality and environment management capabilities included as well and health and safety. Maybe the magazine could do some reviews on what's available...
  • Michael Wilson
    We are going through this process at the moment.

    My key requirement is integration with out systems. I have no interest in a system that requires each new person, site or delegation to be manually entered.

    If we can get data in to Power BI so that it can appear on our other dashboards that would give H&S more integration.

    Lastly the system needs incident reporting, observations and audits entered via an android app.
  • Margaret
    We work with many NZ businesses and as Consultants I'm often asked to push different products which we don't for obvious reasons. H&S Software is a business enabler. There are many new businesses developing untested products in the current market and selling software as the "magic bullet" for H&S management. Beware of this when you are looking at options. My advice to you is do your homework, a thorough needs assessment for your organisation, consider 3-4 mature products and make sure you have robust internal business processes, software will not replace missing internal process.
  • Chrissy Roff
    I am also really interested in this topic and would love to hear from anyone who has used and can recommend a good system, especially one that can be easily modified to suit individual company requirements.
  • Sharon Hartley
    We use Vault software, with workers having access via the Notify and Check apps that run with it. They enter their own incident reports which pull into the main system and managers can get notifications of reported incidents immediately, and the Check app is great for vehicle and site inspections where you can add corrective actions and assign to people on the spot. For clients we create quite a few various checklists for use in the Vault Check app. All training records, inductions and licences are stored in Vault with notifications being sent of any needing renewing. The reporting function is great and very customisable. The only downside is it is fairly expensive for small businesses.
  • Chrissy Roff
    Thanks so much for that info Sharon, I appreciate it
  • Aaron Neighbours
    Hi Jo - Great topic. I currently use around a dozen different software solutions for various clients I manage as a HSEQ Consultant and have reviewed most of them for clients wishing to go that way. Have to say there is certainly some good and bad out there. I'd recommend an integrated HSEQ option that is a well established product in the market.
    Happy to share my thoughts on what I believe is a market leader as well as scalable very affordable for small to large businesses.
    As a consulting business we have landed on one solution that provides the best functionality we have come across so would only recommend that for our clients going forward. More than happy to discuss my experiences with you.
  • TracyR
    I find SkyTrust pretty user friendly, cloud based and multiple access
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