• John Easton
    We are considering this tool as a means to improve our health and safety on our site. I would be interested to read what experiences companies have had have use this tool (online and/or onsite assessment.
    By the way, i have checked the forum for any previous discussions on this and most of the responses were some time ago when the tool was just being introduced.

    John Easton
  • E Baxter
    We used the online tool and found it useful as a general barometer of where we were at. It helped us decide what areas to focus on, and it was interesting to see the differences in perception between management & workers. We will probably do the online assessment again to show if we have closed up the gaps
  • Mike Cosman
    Hi John. I’ve done about 10 onsite assessments ( and no I’m not looking for more work!). I think if firms understand what SafePlus is and isn’t and approach it as a performance improvement tool rather than an audit it can be highly insightful. But you need to choose carefully what the assessor looks at , where they go and who they meet as this will influence the outcome. I’ve only had one client use the online assessment and they found the result a bit bland and self evident. They got a very different result from the on site assessment
  • Laraine
    As an accredited SafePlus Assessor I really believe in the tool. It focuses on people, rather than paper - which is what it's all about of course. An assessment can be conducted on any area of a business, or all of the business. If you decide to engage someone to do an assessment make sure that person is knowledgeable about the industry.
  • Mike Massaar
    We were probably one of the first organisations, certainly the first government department, to undertake the full assessment. While both my organisation and company undertaking the assessment (being a first for both of us) learnt a lot and may do some things differently next time, at DOC we highly valued the assessment. Do not go into it as a compliance tool - it is not. Focusing on the key criteria of the assessment was great You need to go into it open minded and be prepared to learn from it. I highly recommend it if you are doing it for the right reason.
  • Andrew
    I've just done the on-line assessment. (Prompted by some guy doing a telephone survey)

    I was expecting a perfect result - but it doesn't do a report for one response.

    It didn't take long. Banged it out in a few minutes - though the setting up takes a bit longer.

    Judging from the questions it looks like I'l get a report at quite a superficial level. Eg "My organisation is prepared for emergencies and has told me what to do when one happens." Well how-about asking if the plan has actually been tested and I feel safe when an emergency does arise?

    I don't think I would bother with the on-line version. Too much room for disgruntled / troublesome / uninterested employees to fudge the Results. Eg "I can get involved and have my say about health and safety" - a person who is interested but doesn't want to get actively involved would likely return a negative result. (Some people, despite opportunities to speak, don't - no matter how much encouragement)

    Would be much better for an outside assessor to do it - and then drill into the evidence behind the response.

    If I was going to bring in an outside assessor I'd prefer a WSMP type assessment based on observable actions rather than just a paper trail. It would have more substance.

    Agree it ought not be considered as a "compliance " type tool. Its far from that.

    If you want a half decent overview then the tool is fine - but as a safety practitioner we ought to be involved sufficiently in our business to know the answers.
  • Jon Harper-Slade
    For the building and construction industry, the proposed Tōtika Scheme (cross recognition scheme for pre-qualification) has identified a Safe+ audit (not the self assessment) as an accepted alternative to a pre-qualification assessment for small, lower risk businesses.

    You can see the detail, and provide feedback as part of our wider consultation process here: https://www.chasnz.org/totika
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