• Michael Wilson
    There were lots of good speakers.

    • Steph Dyhrberg made it really clear to everyone that we need to step up the game of bullying and sexual harassment.
    • Andrew Barrett was good, but it felt like he was saving his best stuff for the workshop. I recommend his podcast by the way.
    • Jon Harper-Slade was the star of the "debate" with a his sensible approach to safety and making it clear that a dusty folder save no one.

    There were lots of good things being done although it would be great to get some stories from companies that didn't have substantial government grants or a multinational business structure helping them out.

    Overall it was a big improvement on the previous year and hopefully this trend continues.
    Perhaps some sort of incentive payment to the speakers to get their slides in on time for printing would help with this ongoing issue. It makes it a lot easier to take notes.
  • Margaret
    I also enjoyed Steph Dyhrberg and Andrew Barrett and the applied research by SiteSafe on suicide in construction sector.

    It was also great to see most of the keynote speakers had HFE backgrounds and the recognition of human factors and ergonomics in general H&S practice.

    I strongly recommend looking at other conferences in Australia and the HASANZ Conferences
  • Glenn Taylor
    I think the "star" for me was Liam Malone, keynote speaker at the end of the second day. His talk was littered with his own life's obstacles yet he dared to disrupt and despite those obvious obstacles he beat them all down, he succeeded and won. He also delivered his talk in a very user friendly engaging manner and made it enjoyable and inspirational to listen to. The suicides in construction was a shocker and eye opener as well. Enjoyed this conference.
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