• Michael Wilson
    We are looking at having different colour high vis for contractors and other visitors on site. Has anyone done this successfully?
  • Andrew
    We are a "High Viz Free Zone" and seem to be the only business in NZ who hasn't succumbed to this nonsense.

    We have two types of contractors. Those that have a "permit to work" which gives them total free range and no need to identify them. The others must be accompanied by a staff member at all times.

    How tasteless to stick guests in a high Viz. Urk!!! You wouldn't do it at home. Why do it at work. Our guests are accompanied by a host at all times.

    We do have an underlying principle that we treat contractors (including on-hire agency workers) in exactly the same way as we treat our own staff. Same expectations, same access to facilities (including cafe), same dress expectations. Same Same!
  • Chris Hyndman
    Hi Michael,

    We have an electronic sign in system on our reception that allows us to see who is on site at any one time. Unfortunately there are ways of getting on to site without passing through reception so we have recently introduced lanyards that are given out during site inductions and allow us to immediately recognise if a subbie has brought additional workers onto site without going through the induction process.

    So far so good.
  • Chris Peace
    I echo Andrew's comments but ask the question "Why is Hi Vis clothing required?". I regard PPE as an admission of failure unless it can be demonstrated to be the only solution. That can result in some creative arguments leading to, for example, segregation of vehicles and people on larger sites, either spatially or by time.
    In relation to Hi Vis generally, there is research showing it is of limited value under some circumstances and, in some cases, can act to cause confusion. For example, a worker may be unable to get the right depth of field when looking at a busy worksite at night due to so many reflective strips and colours moving.
    Maybe move the discussion from Hi Vis as PPE to uniforms for workers with company names and/or badges printed onto jackets, Tee or long-sleeve shirts that are also Hi Vis? Pride in who workers work for?
    Perhaps an article for Safeguard magazine that is research-based and informed by some good case studies?
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