• Linsey Whitchurch-Kopa
    How is everyone getting on with the above? Do you find it simple to use? Do you find you can keep it up to date?
  • MattD2
    I have never really used it to build and maintain an inventory within the tool itself. I have used it many times since it was first released as a good quick check of the main regulatory requirements, but I could never really see myself using it as a compliance (e.g. inventory) tool just because it is (or seems) too 1-dimensional.
  • Rachael
    I've used it several times for several different locations and really like it.
    Yes it's 2-D and a little clunky but it accomplishes the paperwork requirements with a minimum of fuss compared with having to build something similar from scratch :)
  • E Baxter
    I use it alongside my in-house spreadsheet (which has more specific details on locations etc). It has some limitations but its an easy way to check regulatory requirements.
  • Andrew
    Its not used here. I prefer to keep all my risks recorded in one place and accessible to all staff.

    Once I have a substance and SDS I just go from there.

    Not a big fan of lots of different data management resources. Have one - keep it simple.
  • Mike Massaar
    It's very good as you can use it as your hazardous substances inventory, as we do. This then meets the legislative requirement for an inventory. It's only as good as what you put in, you need to understand the naming conventions etc of your substance. It's not a risk register.
  • Graham Neate
    I am currently running 11 hazardous substances inventories in the WorkSafe Hazardous Substances Calculator. It’s easy to use and maintain once you know how. What I like about it is that it identifies incompatible substances and it outlines what the health risks are. Generic controls are stated (with a reference point to the Regs) and it also informs you if a hazardous area needs to be established.

    As well, a controls report can be printed and an inventory can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet. One of the latest features is that you can enter the expiry dates of Safety Data Sheets which is very useful when 100s of Safety Data Sheets are kept.

    And, the price is right……..it’s free.
  • Sheree Box
    I use it. Easy to use and printable. Saves so much time.
  • Genevieve Power
    It is a great starting point, simple to use and was great for helping each site coordinator learn about Hazardous Substances. However be aware it does not show all the controls even really common incompatibles like Acid and Hypochlorite so you should also check the SDS as well.
  • Linsey Whitchurch-Kopa
    Thanks everybody - great feedback!
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