• Andrew
    If there is one thing I hold most dear in a democratic society is the right (enshrined in our laws) to be able to speak freely. We all should be safe to do so.

    Imagine my horror when I learnt that Massey University had cancelled a speech by an ex Reserve Bank Governor / National Party leader citing healthy and safety grounds – grounds which turned out to be purely fictitious.

    This raised a red flag for me and since I want to keep the right to speak freely safe from meddlers I have kept an eye on Massey.

    If there is one place that should be “un safe” it is a University. It is the one place where people should have their opinions, thoughts and research tested and challenged. There should be no “safe zones”. If you want to be safe from “hurtful” views then don’t go to University.

    So then I learnt Massey had a “Rainbow Tick” which as I mentioned in Simons “Zero Harm” thread is another worthless piece of corporate mumbo jumbo – but it does serve as another trigger warning that GroupThink rules. True to form this red Flag has proven to be a useful hazard warning.

    Now I learn Massey are once again citing “health, Safety and well being” concerns and have cancelled a Feminism 2020 event. My heart goes out to women (and men) who might have wanted to attend. This is utter balderdash.

    So Massey, here is how you manage the risk:
    - Firstly you encourage your community to listen.
    - Then you encourage them to think
    - And then you provide them with the resources to come up with facts or evidence or a method to come to a logical view
    - You then provide an opportunity for alternative views to be expressed and tested
    - In the event some people want to quash academic rigour and there is a risk of a law being broken you call in the police.

    In the meantime I will treat any qualification coming from Massey in the same way I treat a qualification from a third world country. Worthless unless proven otherwise. And I question the judgement of those who choose Massey as their education provider of choice.

    And I hope corporates will stop using “health and safety” as a crutch for supporting their woeful positions.

    Rant over!
  • Jo Prigmore
    My friends have been known to physically step back & hold their breath if someone tells me something can't be done because of "health and safety"! I will always ask why, on what grounds, where is the risk assessment etc. I hate that phrase being used as a management cop-out.
    I don't know about the detail in your post but am sympathetic to the sentiment.
  • Jacob Winn
    I too am concerned with the current situation where unless you agree with a particular point of view you are considered to be anti this or that. It goes against free speech and freedom of association.

    Massey has long had a reputation of being of one view only, and I shudder to think of the quality of those being churned out of it. If they have adverse reactions to alternative viewpoints in the real world, it simply means Massey has succeeded in brainwashing them to a particular view to the exclusion of all others.

    And using Health and Safety as an excuse for almost anything these days is so blatantly transparent it is almost not worth doing!
  • Admin
    This post is deliberately inflammatory. People who wish to comment on Massey University's decision are free to do so elsewhere in the many other more appropriate online forums.

    This thread is now closed.

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