• Tania Curtin
    Hi guys,

    I hope it's OK to share this here. Thanks to all of you that gave me feedback on the draft versions of this - what a great community we have here!

    It's not often you get something for free... but today you can!

    Download the Quick Guide on Implementing Safety Differently Principles, plus a printable workbook - FREE. That's right, there is NO catch, not even an email sign up! Print it, use it, share it - it's all yours.

    I recently completed the Graduate Diploma of Professional Practice (OH&S), for which I had to develop a resource based on my research project. I've decided that the most valuable thing I can do with this resource is to send it out into the world to be used! So here we go...

    Initially the guideline was designed with small to medium sized businesses in mind. There are many books and resources aimed at massive companies, I wanted to create a tool that the little guys could use - that small businesses could implement themselves. Having said that, this resource is flexible enough that any organisation can use it.

    I'd love to hear about your experience using the guideline and workbook (both are merged into one document for you to download), so feel free to get in touch.

    You are welcome to share this resource with your networks. Enjoy!

    Download directly from here:
  • Michael Wilson
    Well done. I will download and have a read.
  • Sheri Greenwell
    You're amazing Tania! Congratulations on completing your Graduate Diploma of Professional Practice (OH&S), and thank you for your commitment to improving safety practices in NZ.
  • Trudy Downes
    Great work. Thanks Tania!
  • Ravi Kolluru
    Downloaded the document and had a quick look, Tania. Looks great and easy to put into practice. Well done!
    And hearty congratulations on completing your Grad Dip!!
  • Michelle Dykstra
    Christmas has come early! Thank you Tania.
  • Chrissy Roff
    Great work and thank you for sharing. You are right that the most valuable thing we can all do is share great ideas and advise as we all want the same thing.....Everyone to go home safe! Well done on completing your GD as well.
  • Tony Donahoe
    Well done Tania. The industry has been waiting for a guideline like this.
  • John Beattie
    Good work Tania, well put together, thanks for sharing with the H&S fraternity
  • craig christie
    Congrats Tania, Thanks for the download looks great
  • PaulReyneke
    Be careful not to attempt to systemise everything. It can sometimes have the same effect as saying "be more spontaneous". As spontaneity cannot be demanded (it is a contradiction in terms), "Safety II" and "Safety Differently" are approaching safety from a different paradigm and increasing cognitive thinking, e.g in group discussions, may not achieve the intended outcome. On the contrary, it may actually be a contradiction in terms.

    If you want people to contribute ... "we have an army of experienced, knowledgeable and practical practitioners with first-hand insights into what works, what doesn’t and ..." simply increase your safety envelope. I.e. get out of their way and allow them to make more safety decisions about what is in front of them at any given point.

    That requires a different organisational paradigm, not more cognitive thinking on their behalf
  • Nixi
    You have completed a great piece of work here. Many thanks!
  • Jane Goulter
    Excellent, thank you! I like the angle of looking from the positive and the recognition of how the words we use help underpin our culture. Your document has me thinking :-).
  • Graham Neate
    That's an excellent resource. Thanks so much for sharing.
  • James Ashby

    I found the following reference well worth taking the time to watch.

    [1] Sidney Decker 2014 "Safety Differently"
    [2]Todd Conklin 2019 "The 5 principles of Human Performance

    Which played an intrinsic part of portraying, why the need for a positive Human face to safety , which among-st several other points means actively involving the workers at the coal face,however as stated, can be a real challenge for some in management.

    A very coherent put together document
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