• Natalie
    Can anyone please point me in the right direction of a suitable training course/provider for an H&S Manager to get training on how to effectively manage working at height - working on roofs etc? Including things such as documentation required, minimum level of training for workers, effective fall rescue plan. Basically all the background material rather than the actual working at height stuff.

    We want to ensure we are managing this in the best way possible and at the moment I feel we could be doing better. This is a new area and I want to ensure I know what I'm talking about when preparing for projects with our workers. Thank you
  • rebecca telfer
    hiya Vertical Horizon are really good, they conduct a lot of working at heights training, Safety n Action have WAH courses too.
  • Alex P
    I can help you if you have any questions around working at height/rescue.

    I teach working at height courses for a training establishment and provide rescue training to a couple of organisations. If you're looking for a training course, there are a few options around as Rebecca noted above.

    Definitely fire through any questions.
  • Chris Lambeth
    Worksafe NZ have a 'Best practice guideline for working at height in New Zealand' which covers all the aspects of working at height as you mentioned. This is a downloadable PDF and can be found on the Worksafe NZ site by putting 'working at height' in the search function. Hopefully this will give you the outlines for what you are looking for. Chris Cox from NZ Safety Blackwoods Work Safe Training provides a course in Unit Standard 17600 that he delivers for managers etc.
  • HSQE
    Yes I can recommend Chris. He is wonderful and will give you exactly what you need & nothing you don't.
  • Jo Prigmore
    I would recommend going on a standard work at height course with some of your workers and then follow up with a bit more research. That way, you know what they (should) know and you're all using the same language. I've always found you get quite a lot of kudos from the team by doing that too.
  • David Brown
    I would agree with Jo, I did the 2-day Working at Height Advanced course with Safety N Action this year and learned heaps. It really opened my eyes to specifics such as rescue plans, and the challenges of actually rescuing a fallen person in-practice, rather than trying to imagine it and thinking it is easy.
  • JamieOrtiz
    I know a good company that does that. I recently attended such courses. Here is a link https://alertforce.com.au/ohs-training-courses/working-at-heights/ to these courses. I was left under a good impression and learned a lot. I advise you to do it!
  • Annalisa
    Hi Natalie, the Worksafe BPG is a great resource and I think there are factsheets too. Well worth chipping away on learning the requirements and reccomendations in it. I agree with many here to do a course yourself as its very informative (and fun too!). I did Sitesafe, Shane Clements was the instructor he was very happy to follow up at any stage after the course with any questions, which also leads to the abilty to engage a specialist such as Shane in helping give you some guidance relavant to your position and the nature of work you are dealing with.
  • EmmaB
    Yep, agree with the comments here. For example, Safety n Action do a great course and do both public and in-house training, which enables context and your own kit to be used. The rescue piece is a key element, particularly if you're operating a complex site.
  • Denise
    Agree with Jo, taking the height training course was invaluable to understand what is covered in the course and what gear is required. My biggest take away was to ensure the right lanyards are purchased and used. If you can prevent a fall with fall restraint lanyards and they are suitable for the task, it removes the hazard of fall arrest systems that allow a fall and require additional resources and rescue plans to prevent injury.
  • Sandy Barnes
    We use K N Training. They are excellent and can tailor to your requirements. Found them better than off-the-shelf stock-standard courses. They are based in the Waikato. Contact me on 07-884-0060 if you want more details.
  • Chris Graney
    Hi Natalie..W@H is high risk and a very specialist area of work. Managing workers at height using harness systems could prove very challenging for someone who is perhaps a novice themselves. Training to Unit Standards 23229 & 15757 would be a good start and includes rescue planning etc. Lots of providers Site Safe NZ, VHG, SafetyNAction and others. Training is only the start of the journey to get to competence. Maybe get an appropriately qualified and competent person to conduct a Height Safety Audit for you and go from there. cheers all the best..
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