• rebecca telfer
    What kinds of KPI's would you have for a HSE Coordinator... looking for some recommendations thanks
  • Chris Anderson
    There's no way to answer this question without a greater understanding of the role. Is it desk based? Field based? What industry? etc
  • rebecca telfer
    hi Chris
    it is office/field based and Industry is Sales/Service/Workshop/Admin
  • Rachael
    Just a few non-specifics to throw in the mix for starters:
    • Timely and accurate reporting and recording of incidents.
    • Any reporting requirements to teams/board etc completed IFOT
    • Any training requirements completed (theirs)
    • Organisation/coordination of training for others (first aid certs etc).
    • Emergency management SoPs, contact details and trials run,
    • Compliance with other HS related tasks (Haz Subs certifications, gantry/lifting certifications, etc)
    • Improved (or if it's already awesome, then maintained) Levels of worker participation and engagement with HS

  • MattD2
    The question of what KPIs should my employee have is similar to asking what lead / lag indicators (KPIs) should my company use. Using a generic set of KPIs developed by others runs the risk of measuring things which don't actually provide any actionable feedback - if you see your LTIFR / TRIFR go up all you know is your company (possibly) needs to "be more safer".

    What is detailed in the Position Description for your H&S Coordinator? What are their expectations or responsibilities, and what skills do they need to have (or develop)? Once you identify these you can set down KPIs related to their responsibilities / expectations / required skills, with consideration that the KPI should also be able to provide feedback on what needs to be changed/adjusted return to the desired outcomes if there is current a deviation from them.

    So I would first ask - why are we hiring a H&S Coordinator, and what is the work we need the to do?
    Also to consider is what the H&S Coordinator can reasonable contribute to the success of the overall KPIs of the company - so if the company has a KPI to "Improved levels of worker participation and engagement with H&S", while it would be unfair to pin this all on the H&S Coordinator you could consider that a reasonable KPI for them could be "feedback on the how it was to deal with the H&S Coordinator from a sample of the workforce is normally Positive/constructive".
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