• Chris Alderson
    Hello everyone - Many people have been working very hard across industry to create a framework for construction related activity post lockdown.

    The first part of the framework has been published on the CHASNZ website. https://www.chasnz.org/covid19 . This document covers the high level principles and minimum requirements for construction related operations "the what". It has had input from WorkSafe and been approved by the CHASNZ board as well as tabled through the Construction Sector Accord and MBIE.

    Supporting the standard will be a set of Protocols which explain "the how". These again are being developed by industry groups and led by SiteSafe, Vertical Leaders, Residential Leaders and Civil Contractors NZ. These will be ready and available by the end of this week.

    There will also be ongoing support for questions and interpretations set up with the assistance of these organisation as well as many others across the industry.

    Please share with your networks.


    Chris Alderson
  • Andrew
    An interesting document Chris. But I would have thought it would be a "draft" pending more information on just what the risk environment looks like moving out of Level 4.

    My understanding is that the Alert Levels are Alert Levels - Increasing. That is there is an increasing risk of virus exposure.

    It is to me conceivable that we will have a new set of Alert Levels - Decreasing after 22 April.

    For example Alert Level Two - Increasing is
    Risk assessment
    - High risk of importing COVID-19 OR
    - Increase in imported cases OR
    - Increase in household transmission OR
    - Single or isolated cluster outbreak.

    Alert Level two - Decreasing may be
    Risk assessment
    - Very low risk of importing COVID-19 OR
    - Decrease in imported cases OR
    - Decrease in household transmission OR
    - Single or isolated cluster under control.

    We seem to be close to a revised Alert Level one. Increasing was:
    Risk assessment
    - Heightened risk of importing COVID-19 OR
    - Sporadic imported cases OR
    - Isolated household transmission associated with imported cases.

    Decreasing could be:
    Risk assessment
    - Minimal risk of importing COVID-19 OR
    - Virtually no imported cases OR
    - very few Isolated household transmissions.

    Its still too early too say but the last couple of days has seen less than 10 new cases a day. Of these 1, maybe 2 are related to importation and we can expect these numbers to drop. We arent really at level 3 any more - which is
    Risk assessment
    - Community transmission occurring OR (seems to be more close contact transmision)
    - Multiple clusters break out. (Currently 15 clusters and we may be close to max cluster)

    So it is conceivable that by 23 April there are no new cases a day and havent been for a week or so. Which suggests a risk of around zero. And therefore much closer to Alert Level One than Alert Level Two
  • Philip Aldridge
    Hi Chris,
    A good initiative by CHASNZ.
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