• Rachael
    Hi Team

    After having conversations with a few workers from a variety of essential industries, I thought I'd throw it around in here too.

    For those working at sites deemed essential, who have implemented the measures we had to a month or more ago, and have worked through this lockdown period, have you noticed any difference in your injury/illness rates and/or site productivity?

    There is no specific purpose to the question, just a curiosity based on other discussions. Any theories you might have about why there has been a difference or why there has been no difference would also be interesting :)
  • Jo Moar
    There has been a higher than normal trend for staff to not turn up for work because they are "sick", we have had quite a substantial amount go off to their doctor and become "vulnerable" because they could.
    But the biggest difference is the mentality that because COVID is first and foremost they have forgotten that normal health and safety applies - the drop in incident reporting is high and I am forever reminding staff of the need to report accidents.
  • Sheri Greenwell
    We have actually had very good attendance rates throughout this period, along with record volumes - my employer provides logistics services to keep supermarkets supplied with fresh produce, so not only can people clearly see the essential nature of this business; they also recognise that they are very fortunate to still have the opportunity to work. The distribution centre managers are all a key factor in this, as are members of the team at all levels. We acted early and proactively, communicated clearly and often, and reinforced the health and well-being aspects first and foremost. Everyone has been quite amazing and very supportive with getting things done.
  • Claire Jones
    Parts of our organisation were deemed essential business, and we worked throughout. It may seem that we are under reporting however, the essential workers have been more attentive to what they are doing, as none want to go visit Hospitals or doctors. :-)
    We have also had less sick leave, less bereavement leave, everyone has done their best to get to work.
    We are now more concerened for the Returning to Work people, who have not been in work bubble and have not had to complete sanitisation regimes.
    My future concerns are the fall out and the mental health issues that may arise. Essential workers have been working hard throughout and have not had time off with family. The RTW people will be fresh and eager to get back to work ( maybe/maybe not?). Also life has carried on with births and deaths, one essential workers Mother passed away during the lockdown (not COVID) but with no family funeral, no flower shops, no closure or time to mourn. There will be a few fall outs to get ready for.. but all in all our team became a better team and were really on to it. Very proud of them :-)
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