• Mark Jennings
    I have a generic Guide to Operating Safely at Level 3. It allows businesses to create their own plan for opening and operating safely at Level 3. The feedback has been good.
    Please feel free to share it.
    Keen to hear what you think about it.
    L3 Operating Safely Guide (202K)
  • Peter Bateman
    WorkSafe has just put up their own template for businesses to use when re-opening for Level 3.

    Attached FYI.
    WSNZ_3741-Covid-19-Pandemic-Form-v3-0 (1) (75K)
  • Mark Jennings
    Yes, I saw it after I completed my Guide. ConstructSafe have a good now too. I hope my guide allows businesses to get on with it as it has steps to complete. Feedback has been good.
  • Andrew
    I got my Worksafe one in the mail yesterday.

    And I'll offer the same observation to that as I would this one. There still appears to be zero consideration to S6 of the Regs. And these documents are being produced left, right and center without knowing the contents of the next Public Health Order, which as I write has still not been done.

    That said, I did fill out my Worksafe one. But only for employee imagining purposes, not for safety management - we need to be seen to be doing the right thing for employees. Essentially each section was "business as usual" which is our usual serious approach to risks that are going to realistically harm people if we didn't manage them.

    I also attached the chart I have been producing, using Min of Health data so valid and reliable, which shows, essentially zero covid in the community and thus not about to enter my workplace. So I am taking a proportional response to a zero risk.

    I don't usually read Stuff but yesterday there was a Q&A with a lawyer who said, in response to a question
    This is a good question. An employer has an obligation to provide a safe workplace for all employees, so if there was good reason to believe that someone was a risk to others, it would be reasonable to require them to remain away from work. But, in reality, because there is little evidence of community transmission, unless the person was known to have associated with someone with Covid, just breaching the rules is unlikely to be enough to really deem them a risk. If the employer sent them home in this instance, I think they would still need to pay them."

    I remain very comfortable with my approach
  • Andrew
    The Health Order is now published. So here is a free Safety Plan for Category 3 businesses. (Its free so don't expect perfection. My normal consulting fee is in Red Wine currency)

    Essentially business as usual with no added paper work, processes, PPE, cleaning, etc required.

    It is well past the time for the absolute bollocks to stop.
    Covid-19-Pandemic-Plan Safeguard (715K)
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