• Genevieve Power
    I am looking for any innovative ideas for planning, communicating and collaboration of high risk contractor project safety plans on a whiteboard for a SME (we are not in the construction industry). Has anyone tried uising whiteboards or similar approach and have a template/approach they can share.
    While each of the companies are providing a SSSP or Safety plan most are many pages long so looking for a way to summarise the key elements of a construction project i.e scope (and any changes), key project steps, critical risks and critical controls including permits, who's responsible for what. Thank you
  • Mark Kenny-Beveridge
    This is one topic I have had an interest in lately and wonder if the term SSSP has lost it's way. In my mind, when businesses are asked to submit a SSSP, the requester is actually wanting to see evidence that a business has a Safety Management System (SMS) that promotes work and processes that aligns with good practice and expectations from a business level for HSE management, i.e. risk management, contractor management, incident management processes etc.

    A SSSP on the other hand to me should be exactly that, a Site Specific Document outlining plans, requirements and processes specific to that site, e.g. evacuation procedures, specific risk controls, site emergency response plans etc or as SiteSafe says, "an agreement between businesses working on a specific site that determines how health and safety will be managed."

    With that in mind, I struggle to see why businesses are asked to submit a SSSP for a site they are visiting to conduct work on, when it should be designed in collaboration (e.g. construction site) or be present from the site PCBU and relayed/discussed with new works to see if changes occur, e.g. responsibilities.

    A whiteboard can be effective, or even in this busy society an online forum, whether it be an online meeting or an online document that people can access and contribute to in real time could be an option.

    My advice would be to cut the fluff and keep it specific and relevant so it is a usable document; "Say what you do, then do what you say".

    My 2c worth.
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