• Sarah Fair
    Hi everyone,
    I am interested to hear from companies who do not currently use online software for reporting of Incidents, Risks and prioritisation of Engineering tasks.
    We are currently using three different systems (excel s/sheets) here and I would like to integrate these somehow so that we do not have to enter the same information into three s/sheets. This is labour intensive and time consuming.
    For example, a hazard has been identified as a 'nip point' on a conveyor. The Incident register is completed, followed by the Risk Register and lastly the Engineering register so we can get the nip points guarded.
    Please do not recommend a software system for this as our current budget does not allow for this at present.
    Thanks and regards,
  • Genevieve Power
    We would not enter this as an incident - it would just go in the Risk Register under the "Conveyor Machine Entrapment" risk, a risk action then to guard this would be created in the risk register assigned to the engineer. I have seen a machine risk register (excel) that pulls/links the guarding actions through to a another tab to help summarise the engineering action list.
  • Andrew
    Sarah - as above.

    Keeping it simple why not open up your "incident"Spread sheet and add two columns. 1 x "Risk rating" (stick a number in here) and the other "Controls" (stick a description in here. Get extra fancy and add a couple of extra columns "date to be done by" "person to do control" and "Date control done"
    Finally just call it your Risk Register.

    Save your "incident" register for times when some one hurt themselves, and if you want to get fancy, nearly hurt themselves.
  • Annalisa
    Hi Sarah,
    An excel whiz maybe able to link the sheets together. I've utilised finance staff in the past to help with issues like that.
    All the best, Annalisa
  • E Baxter
    I would combine into one spreadsheet with some extra columns and use filters for reporting. Three spreadsheets sounds like hard work.
  • Rachael
    Most software options are a variation on excel anyway so just adding my vote to the combine option.

    If that doesn't work for the reporting side then instead of using more spreadsheets open new tabs.
    Take a look at the (very) basic one I've done. Everything in the description column automatically gets copied into the risk register (cause it's waaaaay easier to manipulate and delete than add stuff) and then the CAs are red if not done green if done :)
    Mock up (12M)
  • craig christie
    In terms of your example we would not enter that as an incident. This would go into the hazard and risk register with actions to rectify including completion dates
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