• Natalie
    Can anyone please recommend a course on Risk Management? There are many to choose from and I would like one that is going to be thorough, worthwhile, and give a good understanding of all considerations when assessing and managing risks, both internally and on site. Thank you.
  • Sheri Greenwell
    A lot depends on what you aim to get out of the course. When I worked for a previous employer, we ran a programme on risk management, rather than a course. What I mean by that was that we ran a half-fay workshop for managers to understand the concepts of risk, risk management, and the ISO standard for risk management at a high level, to give them enough understanding of both positive and negative risk and to get their support for operational personnel. People who would be carrying out workplace risk assessments attended a much more comprehensive and practical full day risk management workshop where we went much more deeply into HOW to conduct risk assessments. Then people were paired or teamed up and tasked to go and complete a workplace risk assessment, which they then brought back to another workshop (which I think was half a day) to go through their risk assessments, discuss, give / get feedback, etc so once we finished the full programme, everyone should have been clear about how to carry out risk assessments and confident about doing it.

    My employer brought in a trainer to do this training, but the consultant contracted to do this delivery was not actually sufficiently conversant with either the concepts of risk management nor adult learning, so I had to work with the company to fill in the gaps. A lot of people (including many who really should know better) are familiar with the concepts of hazards but tend to treat risk management as the same when it is not.

    Our approach of delivering a programme rather than a one-off training recognises the importance of ensuring that the people who are required to conduct risk assessments have appropriate management support, and that they have the opportunity to apply what they learn and get feedback so they finish up having verified for themselves, their colleagues and their managers that they are competent.
  • Teena Cleary
    Impac have some very good courses. If you run a group course, they can tailor it so it applies to your organisation.
  • Chris Peace
    Hi Natalie, you could try the paper I am teaching at Victoria University of Wellington!

    HLWB509 "Identification, Assessment and Control of Hazards and Risks" is a single semester paper that starts on Monday. Officially enrolments have closed but you might get in if you enrol before midnight today, 9 July.

    The paper forms part of the Master's in Health (details at https://www.wgtn.ac.nz/explore/postgraduate-programmes/master-of-health/overview). More on the paper itself is at https://www.wgtn.ac.nz/courses/hlwb/509/2020/offering?crn=31036.

    The paper is taught entirely online. I have created a full handbook, and I'm videoing interviews and interesting clips. If you do the paper and do other papers you could earn the Master's!

    Phone me on 0274713723 if you want to know more.

    Lecturer in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Billy Cavanagh
    Hi. Ring Rodger at Site Safe 0212422078. Their courses are good and he is the best.
  • Helen Parkes
    Protecht run great one day courses on risk topics.
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