• Angela Gregory
    Hi, has anyone looked at any policies around the use of e-scooters as an approved form of work transport? From an environmental perspective they are a potentially good alternative to getting around urban areas but a bit dodgy from a safety perspective. I would be interested to hear if this issue has arisen at your workplace and what decisions have been made around their use,
    many thanks
    National HSW Manager, Stuff
  • Michelle Warren
    We have a couple of E-bikes, no scooters. The bikes are constantly booked out and people enjoy using them. We produced a Safe Work Method Statement and train out to any staff who wish to use the bikes. We have an online booking for the E-Bikes. We have a regular maintenance program for the bikes. We do let our staff use at weekends too, so long as they have had the training.
  • Cathy Faulkner
    Hi Angela
    Are you considering using publicly available scooters or buying your own? If the former, then e-scooters have a plethora of in-built safety features to meet most Council's risk-adverse policies. If the latter, than you could probably get hold of a Council policy and make sure your procurement methods stipulate the same in-built safety features.
    I personnally don't believe e-scooters are any better or worse than any other transport. It's how you use, or abuse, them that causes issues and given your workers won't be riding drunk after a big night out (hoepfully) I'm not sure why they would be seen as "dodgy".
  • Matthew Bennett
    Hi All,

    We have a fleet of E-Scooters, along with E-Bikes that folk can use to get ot various meetings around the city. While I believe society is in a learngin phase with the scooters in particular I have we have determined that no additional policies or rules were necessitated for them. How we got to this point is longer than i can put in this post, however our Critical Risk Rules - Transportion incorporated their issues adequately. The only additional information we've put together is some 'equipment orientation' material.
  • Angela Gregory
    Thanks for the input ... it has given me some ideas!
  • Angela Gregory

    Thanks Cathy, would def be public use scooters so good points tks ... I had checked out the councils and they have some quite detailed info around all this ...
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