• Don Ramsay
    What software does anyone use to hold the welder qualifications as a spreadsheet does not cut it, I am looking at weld eye
  • Andrew
    I'm not sure I see the relationship between the two.

    For simple qual recording most payroll systems have a Qual tab.

    Within my system I have a Qual tab but I don't use it. I prefer the "Competency" tab as it has a bring up date so I can but a review date on the relevancy of the qual..
  • Don Ramsay
    The basic info I can hold in VAULT but it is not just the qualifiaction as such, it is the detail as to what position they qualify for and materials and when the prolonged assessments take place, also would need to include the WPS and QPR documents as these need to cross-reference to the welders certification. Still open to ideas......
  • MattD2
    ↪Don Ramsay I'm not sure I see the relationship between the two.Andrew
    I think @Don was meaning the software called Weld Eye, not the damage to eyes from intense UV.

    Getting in contact with the Maintenance Engineering Society of NZ (MESNZ) might be a good idea as they might be able to point you in the direction of a few companies that could give you some insight into what they use.

    I had a quick look at some of the Weld Eye videos, one thing I would be cautious about is they seem geared at the US/EU market, which might catch you out if any contracts are specifically using AS/NZS standards.

    I would suggest really nailing down the reason for needing any software before looking at options - if all you need the software for is to record and monitor weld procedures and welder qualifications/tests (i.e.you already have a solid process for developing weld procedures and the resources to develop them) then an off the shelf software package is likely going to have to many extra bells and whistles (that you'll have to pay for but never use). Talking with a local application developer may provide a cost effective solution to what you need (without being tied into a long term licencing contract such as Weld Eye) - especially if you already have the spreadsheet examples of what it is that you need to be tidied up.
  • Don Ramsay
    Hi Matt,

    There is software for the AS/NZ market but it is not part of the promotions, but is available locally, a spreadsheet does not work as the parameters are to varied in that a person can qualify for a position but not have it directly recorded, but by default they can weld that position, Weldeye does the summary calculations and takes that in to account. I will try MESNZ
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