• Breanna Gibson
    Hi All

    I was just wondering if others organise for their reps (once elected by their workgroup) an appointment letter in collaboration with their HR teams that is a bit like a job description? I have heard about some companies doing this but just wondering what others do and what others think of it? Worthwhile process to go through to outline their responsibilities further along with a commitment from the elected reps?

    If done, does anyone have an example of an appointment letter they have used?

    Many Thanks
  • Tony Walton
    Good question Bree. To kick off check this out. https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/nqfdocs/units/pdf/29315.pdf
    then customise to include their role in your OHS management system resource needs in relation to training and role KPI's. They will also need some specific business related coaching as to what they should be doing, when and how. They can be a great resource if a positive support strategy is developed.
  • Sandra Nieuwoudt
    Our H&S Reps have a job description.
    If you send me an email I can send you one -
  • Ali Whitton
    Kia ora koutou!

    I'm a Design Lead at WorkSafe and am leading a project on understanding HSRs in Aotearoa. A lack of a role description has arisen in our findings too. We ran a workshop in Hamilton yesterday, with a mix of HSRs from different industries, and we worked through some activities which helped us flesh one out.

    What was really interesting was asking HSRs to list their duties and then theme them into essential to the role, complimentary to the role, and 'other'. HSRs doing 'audit's came up as incredibly common, but we ascertained that they should be involved (to represent workers and almost to 'audit the audit') but not leading them - as this leads to tensions around enforcing compliance and being seen to 'police' H&S. We also heard that some HSRs get told to train others, and we decided as a group that it was the HSR role to 'mentor, but not train'.

    Loads of other interesting findings too. Would be wicked to test some of what we're hearing by a few of you? If you're keen - flick me an email

    Also, interested to read other HSR job descriptions if people are happy to share!


  • Breanna Gibson

    Hi Tony

    Many thanks for leading me that way, very useful information to start with for development and assistance. We have made massive head ways into having more collaboration with our reps and workforce but aiming for that next level and accountability and drive to be champions in their own areas.

    Many Thanks
  • Breanna Gibson

    Hi Sandra

    Many thanks for that would love to have a read through it as a starting point to develop our own. I have emailed you.
  • Cathy Faulkner
    Hi Breanna

    AirNZ have an awesome HSR program. It might be helpful to connect with someone from AirNZ on LinkedIn, or through this forum, who may be able to help.

    If you do decide to do a Job Description, those things listed in Schedule 2 Part 1 of the HSWA will need to be considered.
  • Leighton Crequer
    Hi Breanna and the Forum,

    The appointment letter sounds like a good idea to recognise their status.

    In my previous role we found the same gap with HSRs getting nominated and feeling a bit lost, despite going through the full HSR NZQA training (not always straight away admittedly). I put together a position description and instigated regular 'one on one' catch ups to see if they had achieved their personal and committee objectives, what support they needed, what their highlights or lowlights were. I could see that the HSRs as well as myself as H&S Facilitator valued those discussions.

    It's on my radar to implement something similar in my current organisation who have a very basic committee & HSR structure.

    If anyone wants a copy you can send me a message.

  • Breanna Gibson

    Hi Leighton

    Many thanks, yes that is the process we are trying to generate and sell to our reps & organisation to empower our staff further when it comes to H&S issues and just trying in general to make everyone's job easier (healthier and safe of course). We are young in our development so exciting that there is lots of scope and opportunity to develop this area. I would love a copy of the appointment letter you used if possible, great to see others ideas and really appreciate the assistance. You can contact me on

    Many Thanks
  • Brook Rush
    We also have a role description which was developed about 3 years ago - happy to share if anyone would like to see. Just flick me an email
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