• Dianne Campton
    Must be Monday. Also just read NZISM comments regarding the introduction of ISO45001. Couple of points that are misleading - one is that AS/NZ4801 is outdated due to the introduction of ISO45001. Not true. ISO45001 is replacing OSHAS 18001. If NZ and AU Standards want to continue with 4801 they are able to do so.
    Second point - "there are some minor conflicts with the HSW Act as the standard still refers to employers and workers rather than PCBUs" again misleading. The Act defines what PCBU, Worker and Hazard mean. ISO 45001 clearly defines what Employer, Worker and Hazard means so no conflict can arise as it is clear what the intent is.
    Thirdly why does legislation have to refer to ISO standards for health and safety? It currently does not and nor does any other piece of legislation to my knowledge. ISO are industry based standards which can be adopted or not. They are at a higher level than legislation which is as it should be.
    Companies have a choice based on their size, risk profile, financial and personnel capability to either meet legislation or go to a higher level.
    Let's not cause or create an environment in which businesses are misinformed and rush into something they do not need unnecessarily.
    Gap analysis takes up time and resources and is not required based on 4801 being outdated.
  • Chris Peace
    I've not yet seen the article but, having represented NZISM on p45001, can respond to some of Dianne's comments.
    AS/NZS4801 has not been reviewed or revised since 2001. It should have been in the roughly five yearly cycle of review/revision but escaped the attention of Standards Australia and Standards NZ. When ISO45001 has been adopted it is likely that Standards Australia and Standards NZ will ask what should happen to AS/NZS4801. Based on experience with other joint adoptions they will be asked to withdraw AS/NZS4801. BSI, ILO and other "owners" of OHSMS standards have indicated the same will happen to their standards, leaving us with an internationally written and jointly adopted standard with a review/revision cycle.
    AS/NZS4801 (also an industry based standard) obviously was not developed by ISO using Annex SL as the framework and is not a management system standard (MSS) as defined by ISO. The gaps are especially evident in ISO45001 clause 4 - there is no equivalent in AS/NZS4801.
    Even a cursory reading of ISO45001 and (say) ISO9001 shows their relationship and the opportunities for OHS practitioners/professionals to integrate an ISO45001 OHSMS seamlessly with other ISO MSS to the benefit of their organisation (less paperwork, etc).
    ISO45001 was developed in a multi-party process that included unions, employers, OHS organisations (including IOSH) and others.
    Nobody is required to implement it but, based on the Masterclasses I am running for NZISM, several hundred NZISM members have it in their medium to long term plans. The Masterclasses include how to include a gap analysis to help attendees see the big picture and not work inside an OHS silo.
  • Auriette Gilmour
    Hi Chris are your master classes heading to Invercargill? We are considering the ISO45001 for the same reason you mentioned. A part of the organisation already uses ISO9001, and I could see an opportunity for us to integrate both.
  • Chris Peace
    Hi Auriette
    I've only just picked up your message.
    Yes, I'm in Invercargill on Wednesday and there are spaces available on the course. If you phone me on 0274713723 before 1500 on Sunday 26th I can bring extra course handbooks and sort out billing you.
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