• Gordon
    Hello all
    I am doing desktop research on "digital" H&S management systems in use in NZ for graduate studies. Could members list the system you are using or know are being used currently by NZ companies such as: SafetyWise, MyOSH, DoneSafe, Ecoportal, Noggin, etc.

  • Don Ramsay
    I am using VAULT
  • E Baxter
    I have used
    Healthcare Industry - Current system; The patient safety company for clinical & non-clinical incidents & risk management, Who's On Location for visitor & contractor management. Previous system RiskMan
    Manufacturing - MyOSH
  • MattD2
    Risk Manager (from Impac) is another common one, and I also know of Mango as well (but never used it).

    What is your actual research question (if you don't mind sharing) - as this will likely be some very interesting research/findings. Generally what I have seen in the past is that, despite what is claimed on the box, most H&S management systems boil down to and incident management system (reporting and recording injuries, near misses, etc.) and/or a risk register. A lot have "additional functionality" but in reality these hardly get utilised as much as they are promoted by the system provider. One glaring hole in the Digital H&S Systems market is the availability and functionality of actually useful APIs to be able to integrate the system with the wider organisation's systems.
  • robyn moses
    In the past we have used the vault and mango but found like MattD2 said integrating it with the wider organisations systems proved to be a quagmire. Now we just have a health and safety register (incident, hazard, training) on our organizations digital system
  • Gordon
    Thanks for that! Thanks Robyn - yes that is the challenge when you have a large organisation which has already numerous software packages in place Hi MattD2 my question is "To document key factors regarding adoption and implementation of a digital health and safety system in a tertiary educational setting. ... Thanks Don will add Vault to the list to explore
  • craig christie
    We use Ecoportal specifically built to the align to context of our business
  • Jo Moar
    Having worked with Vault for both a telco and a facilities management co I found it to be outdated and cumbersome.
    I have been working in grocery trade for last 15 months and we use a custom built Ecoportal https://www.ecoportal.com/ . I find it much more user friendly and practical.
  • Denise
    We use Lucidity Software - www.luciditysoftware.com.au
    They were chosen due to their integrated reporting systems and ability to capture data from the field (particularly remote sites) on their app.
  • Alex
    We use Vault but with the Business Intelligence add-on, Notify and Check apps and are starting to integrate Bracken training. The default reporting in Vault is really bad so the Business Intelligence lets us get the info we actually need
  • Andrew
    I Use the OSH Module within Payglobal, Keeps all my risk, incident, HASNO, training, Committee Meeting, ACC, return to work, contractor, health assessments, environment testing etc etc data. All linked to every work area and every employee.
  • Chrissy Roff
    Hi Denise, do you have any issues with this being an Australian based software?
  • Chrissy Roff
    Hi Craig, do you use the Risk register part of the software?
  • Denise
    Hi Crissy, No issues at all. I have worked in the past with software developers from Canada and the States. The time lags can work in your favour at times.
  • Chrissy Hansen
    I have used, MyOSH, Vault, Viking, Mango, IRIS (for Event management) and verious complicated inhouse systems. I prefer Mango even though it is an Australian system.
  • craig christie
    Hi Chrissy, we do have the general risk register however we tend to be more task specific via SWMS rather than generic registers as we have multiple sites
  • Mandy Gudgeon
    Hello Gordon,
    Our organization (Palliative Care, Community Nursing and Retail shops) is using Risk Manager but we intend to review other options this year. I'd be really interested in what you discover (if you intend to share?).
  • Mark G
    Hi Gordon
    We operate Bware-Safety Manager, this is a great integrated product which we use in the wider construction industry, however it is just versatile across retail, manufacturing and other sectors.
    Very cost effective, 'off the shelf' product that provides significant customisation to your need.
    The added value is easy access to customer support and advice as it is a NZ based/designed system
  • Mark Jennings
    A company that I work with uses the SHE Assure software system
  • Pam GrahamAccepted Answer
    Hi Gordon,
    At NMIT we use NZ based Assura software (based in Christchurch).
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