• Andy Walmsley
    Hello there,

    Over the past four years I have been working on my PhD which explored mental health within the construction industry. 587 men from the construction industry took part within the study.
    On Tuesday 27th April at 12:00pm I will be presenting the findings of my research at BRANZ. The presentation will be available via ZOOM. If you are interested in viewing the presentation, please send me a message and I can send through the link. Your more than welcome to share with your team.
    Some of the key findings include:
    • Impact of masculine gender roles on men’s help-seeking behaviour
    • Impact of long work hours and work pressure on mental health
    • How site managers can encourage help-seeking on worksites
    • Perceptions of stress within the work environment
    • Worker's perceptions of seeking help from counsellor/ psychologist
    • Barriers towards accessing mental health support within the construction industry

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions,

    Kind regards,


    Andy Walmsley BSc (Hons).
    Clinical Psychology Doctorate Candidate
    School of Psychology
    Massey University Wellington
    Mobile: 021-02697566
  • Steve H
    Hi Andy
    Thanks for that invite, there won't be anyone reading this who hasn't been touched by a self inflected death. Will your presentation be available to view online for anyone who can't zoom in on the 27th?

  • Hazardman
    good stuff Andy. The more we know about this silent beast the better prepared we can be in looking for the signs and how to manage. Great that you have taken the time and effort to support construction. Looking forward to learning more
  • Marie Fleming
    Hi Andy
    Are your results readily available to view?
    I would appreciate having an offline discussion with you about this topic as my brother worked in the industry and he ended his life - so I have a personal in-depth understanding of the triggers etc that led to ending his life this way.
    Cheers Marie
  • Delwyn Belcher
    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for the invite, I will be very interested in hearing your finding. I am just at the end of my studies on workplace health and safety management and have found through these studies that mental health is growing rapidly in the workplace so I am very interested in reading your research. Regards Delwyn
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