• Mike

    Can anyone please assist in providing detailed definitions covering each of the Department of Labour's - 13 Notifiable Incidents criteria?

    This exercise is to provide a go to reference point / platform, where it clearly identifies the Notifiable Incident reporting criteria with intuitive supporting information around each of those domains to ensure it is easily understood and complied with?

    Thank you in advance for your support.

  • Phil McKie
    The Notify WorkSafe Now Tool pretty much works a person through the process by answering questions and tells you if an incident is not notifiable or continues and completes the notification process. I find it a really good tool. There is also detailed factsheet on the WorkSafe notification page.
  • Chris Lambeth
    hil McKiePhil McKie
    Thanks for that Phill have just had a look and it walks you through the process nicely.
  • SafetylawyerNZ
    The WorkSafe tool is the best material I've seen to date. The problem is the criteria for what is (or is not) a notifiable event is really poorly defined - for example, in the definition of a notifiable incident, the term "immediate or imminent exposure" could mean proximity in space or time, or both. When in doubt, the safest option is to call WorkSafe and make a precautionary notification.
  • Steve H
    I have had a number of people tell me that they have received an electric shock from an item of equipment, and have not reported it to WorkSafe. Any non lethal shock is a notifiable incident, and the recipient of the shock, should be taken to the nearest doctor/medical center and have an ECG (note that static electricity doesn't count)
    Steve Hodgson
    Port Appliance Test & Tag
  • Jim at SAMs
    We have had 3 incidents in the past two years that I deemed to be "notifiable". I completed the documents via the WorkSafe tool for all 3 cases. WorkSafe phoned me very quickly regarding 2 incidents and we discussed them in full. Following the discussion they advised me that neither were "notifiable" and thanked me for the comprehensive reports. At least we have both incidents documented should there be any comeback at a later date. The WorkSafe tool is very easy to use.
  • Mark Hulm
    A word of caution Phil - The Worksafe 'notify now' tool has a serious flaw which they have acknowledged.
    It does not allow you to state that there was immediate exposure to serious risk of e.g. electric shock. Instead it skips that essential portion of section 24. I have just tried again and it tells me that it is not notifiable when I say no to electric shock, but yes to risk of , yes to powered equipment but no to anyone hurt.
    So caution around the online tools- often not vetted by inspectors who know the ingredients of the act.
  • Mark Hulm
    Hi Mike
    There are no defined criteria for notifiable incidents. WorkSafe is yet to release a fact sheet similar to the one for injuries.
    They know we need one, in construction we are having this debate , especially for falling stuff, made worse by clients having a more risk averse interpretation not supported by the legislation .
    All I can advise is that you make u some examples that suit your industry and emphasise 'serious risk' and 'immediate exposure'.
  • Aaron Marshall
    CAA have the following definition for 'serious incident' (which is one that needs reporting to CAA): Serious incident means an incident involving circumstances indicating that an accident nearly occurred.

    So, anything that almost resulted in an accident is notifiable to CAA. In practice, it means that if any circumstance had been different, it could have resulted in an accident.
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