• Bruce Tollan
    "Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016
    41 Duty to give health monitoring report to regulator
    (1) A PCBU for whom any worker is carrying out work for which health monitoring is required must, as soon as practicable after obtaining a health monitoring report, ensure that a copy of the report is provided to the regulator if the report contains—
    (a) any advice that test results indicate that the worker may have contracted a disease or an illness or suffered an injury as a result of carrying out work that involves a health hazard that triggered the requirement for health monitoring; or
    (b) any recommendation that the PCBU take remedial measures, including a recommendation as to whether the worker is able to continue to carry out work that involves a health hazard that triggered the requirement for health monitoring."

    Has anyone advised WorkSafe under this regulation for Welding Fumes causing Disease or illness?
  • Jo Prigmore
    Great question. I haven't checked up on this but we've tended to notify once the injury / damage / disease has been confirmed as work related; usually via the ACC claims process. We're tertiary AEP accredited though so that link might be easier because of that?
  • MattD2
    The simple answer to this is (as far as I know) since there are currently no hazardous substances that are defined in a safe work instruments to require health monitoring there is no requirements to provide WorkSafe NZ with any health monitoring reports (as per the regulations).
    Note: Seems like there is at least one SWI going through the process that will require health monitoring for ethanedinitrile (EDN)
  • Don Ramsay
    A simple answer to your question is No we have not but we do biannual health checks and they have not shown any drastic changes that can be directly related to welding fumes.
  • John Easton
    Not specifically for welding fumes but I presume this also applies to noise induced hearing loss?
    We carry out annual health checks for Lung Function, Eyesight, Blood Pressure and Hearing.
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