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    Tena Koutou,

    Maatauranga Maori is a commonly used statement meaning the knowledge of Maori practice and principles, or “Maori world view”. Both Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti should have a growing understanding of this, within the Safety and Health sector we have clear indications that Maori are ill supported in both injury and poor ACC claim stats, most often we blame Government agencies or Employers for their failed approach however engagement is always a two-way conversation and Maori must take some ownership. ACC, Worksafe and most employers understand there are engagement issues with Maori, and they actively work to educate and integrate Maori into existing support systems… If I was to state the obvious, Maori have a different world view and require a new approach to engagement, not using existing systems, rather by altering the systems to Te Ao Maori.
    Learners of Maatauranga Maori must think holistically with consideration of varying principles, if we think of baking a cake, each ingredient added at different quantities will result in a different outcome therefore to achieve the best outcome the quantity of each ingredient will determine the quantity of subsequent additions. The alternative is to follow a recipe which is absolute and opposing to the Maori way of doing things.
    To clarify Maatauranga Maori, Te Rōpu Marutau o Aotearoa have been running a series of questionnaires aimed at Maori and Tangata Tiriti participants. The questions ask participants to document their understanding of a single Maori principle in English, there are no wrong answers and any information published will be anonymous. The information will be summarised and will form a depository of many principles to be used as an education resource. If you would like to participate, the following are links to active forms, I'll add a new link each week.

    Looking forward to your contribution to reduce poor Maori injury stats through better engagement.


    1. Mana - https://lnkd.in/gUE6q9m
    2. Tikanga and Kawa - https://lnkd.in/gZe_Krj
    3. Tapu and Noa - https://lnkd.in/gAKEAAi
    4. Mauri – Wairua, Hinengaro, Tinana, whanau - https://lnkd.in/g9sJ6sr
    5. Tika, Pono me te Aroha
    6. Hau
    7. Ihi and Wehi
    8. Utu and Muru
    9. Whanaungatanga
    10. Rangatiratanga
    11. Kaitiakitanga
    12. Manakitanga
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