• Mark Kenny-Beveridge
    Hi All,
    With the current COVID environment and mask requirements for some businesses/industries, I have noted that many worksites are implementing mandatory masks, without seeming to risk assess the impacts this change may have on current risks and controls or even introducing new risks.
    Largely we know how problems with glasses fogging can imped visibility (does anyone have a solution?) but also other impacts I wonder if the consequences have been considered, e.g. mental wellbeing for those we struggle to wear masks; wearing masks doing hot works etc.

    Has anyone else struck this, and how have you managed the conversation of striking a balance or prioritising COVID risk vs impacts on other risks
  • Steve H
    Fogging of glasses is a bit of a giveaway that either the mask is being worn incorrectly, incorrect fit, or the wearer has a beard.

    Seems to me that engineering an increase in air changes will do more. Likewise, where someone is isolating at home, setting up a negative pressure zone for the isolatee, would give some measure of protection for the other folk in their bubble. The Asbestos Removal industry could advise/do this.

    Negative air pressure zones could be set up in some workplaces to keep work bubbles separated too.
  • Alex
    There are some solutions for glasses fogging up, including making sure it fits snuggly around the nose, wearing your glasses slightly further down or using an anti-fog lens wipe.

    Our workers are expected to wear a mask if working within 1m of one another and safety glasses are usually mandatory for them although exceptions can be made (if approved by the supervisor and dfor specific tasks only)
  • Mark Kenny-Beveridge
    Thanks guys. Yup we are working through the fit issue etc. What my point I was trying to make is, how many businesses have quickly implemented COVID controls without following their usual risk management processes to understand how COVID risks are prioritised against their other risks when it comes to determining which is the more pressing risk to manage and if they have reassessed their current risk controls after implementing COVID controls to ensure that the COVID controls don't negatively impact on their other risk controls or introduce new risks.
  • Michael Wilson
    I have found disposable masks are much worse than fabric ones at fogging glasses. They also work better for bearded fellows. I ended up shaving mine off during lockdown (and have regretted it ever since) but it makes the masks fit better.
  • Steve H
    I ended up shaving mine off during lockdown (and have regretted it ever since) but it makes the masks fit better.Michael Wilson

    Not so much for disposable masks, but for Breathing Apparatus and Gas Masks, a little bit of Vaseline creates good seal for beard owners, I found back in the day, Michael.
  • Michael Wilson
    I will try that in six months when it recovers it's former glory
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