• robyn moses
    Under the HSW Act more employers will have a justifiable basis for instituting a mandatory vaccination policy. Hypothetically a health and safety professional who has used nothing but proven medicines on self and family for some 40 years, questions the science and the long term risks of an experimental vaccine. Putting more credence in the likes of Reine Fuelmich, Drs David Martin, Geert Bossche, Mike Yeadon, Paul Marik and Pierre Kory race of great mercy to bring a Nobel Prize winning 60 year old safe, less costly, readily available treatment option in conjunction with other prophylactics to all 1st and 3rd world peoples or alternative treatment options such as the illama derived antibodies etc. Does the health and safety professional push the mandated vaccination in the workplace even with those hesitant to get it or simply vacate the position. Asking for a friend.
  • Chris Anderson
    The Health and Safety professional does an objective risk assessment, based on the relevant information they have available to them (e.g. WorkSafe, MOH). They do not do their own research into the science unless they have specific training and qualifications in that area. They then come to a conclusion that best reduces the risk to their employees and workplace for their specific situation and complies with the law.
  • Steve H
    The Pfizer vaccine has been thoroughly tested by multiple agencies eg FDA, EMA and our own Medsafe and has proved to be both safe and effective.

    For the safety of all members of the team of five million, that message must be conveyed to everyone that is eligible to receive it.

    Any other message is a dangerous distraction from both a health and business perspective
  • robyn moses
    Whist not currently mandatory it is encouraged and staff are incentivized with shopping vouchers on producing the 2nd shot vaccine card. We have called an ambulance for one staff member following a sudden medical event (emergency services asked if we could check if worker had recently had the shot, they had) and we have had one worker called to ICU when his partner developed a reaction to a shot. Interesting in the USA, OSHA has taken an unprecedented step in suspending the requirement to report adverse injuries or deaths from workplace mandated shots until May 2022.
  • Chris Anderson
    OSHA is also mandating that all workers in businesses over 100 people are vaccinated or are tested weekly.

    I think going back to your original post, no workplace in New Zealand is requiring workers receive an experimental vaccine. If this was a reference to the Pfizer vaccine, it is not experimental and has received provisional Medsafe approval.

    It's important that we do not treat anecdotes as data (With your first example with the ambulance, over 75% of eligible New Zealander's have been vaccinated so for most people the answer to this would be yes), as Health and Safety professionals we have an obligation to base our decisions and recommendations on fact.
  • Admin
    This thread is now closed. There are many online forums available to debate the merits of vaccines. This isn't one of them.

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