• Sarah Munro
    Hi all,

    I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

    Does anyone have recommendation for some online stress and fatigue or just stress management courses?

  • KeithH
    - who will the courses be targeted for? Workers? Upper Management? Middle Management?
  • Sarah Munro
    Account managers for a manufacturing company who are out on the road dealing with Architects and construction sites. Sorry probably would have helped if I mentioned that in the first place.
  • KeithH

    This is just a suggestion. Discuss the situations with the account managers, including KPIs, travel distances, overnight time away from home, travel conditions, rates of pay, commissions plus anything else brought up. Let the managers take the lead.

    Don't be surprised if what management dangle or require are the factors creating the stress and fatigue.
    As fatigue and stress are two dissimilar issues, the treatments are different also.
    If you aim to improve productivity, management and managers may come onboard less reluctantly. It's a fine line to tread intially but once recognised easy to follow again

    That you have asked for online courses tends to indicate (for me) that a major requirement of the account managers is to continue working while learning. It is not possible to learn and perform at the same time.. Also, irreplaceable time (either during or after work hours) is being taken away from the account managers creating more stress.
  • Jane
    I have been working through fatigue management for our shiftworkers, and decided to design our own training, as nothing available seemed to gel for our situation.
    Have you found Dr Drew Dawson in your searching about fatigue? This is a good video to see how fatigue works in a H&S and management context, around impairment and fitness for work and it might help you decide how the training you find fits into your business's needs.

    Most of my focus has been on fatigue management while working shift, so may not be at all applicable for your people. Feel free to pm though if you would like to see some of these resources.
  • MattD2
    Don't be surprised if what management dangle or require are the factors creating the stress and fatigue.KeithH
    Worker: "The stress management course you are making me take is stressing me out!"
  • Peter Scanlan
    Hi Sarah,
    My company offers a 1-day course by Zoom. Preventing and Managing Fatigue https://worksafereps.co.nz/health-and-safety-courses/preventing-and-managing-fatigue/ It has received very positive reviews but we do not offer it very often due to general lack of interest. The course does go in to stress as part of fatigue and looks at it from both a management and worker perspective. If you want to register your interest I can send you a course outline. Peter Scanlan, WorksafeReps
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