• Riki Brown
    Any advice for a career in the big old world of health and safety?
    After working in adventure tourism for over 10 years as a guide and operations manager, covid has lead me to undertake the graduate diploma of OH&S through SIT, which I will finish at the end of this summer. I would like to use my growing H&S knowledge to continue to keep guides and clients safe in adventure tourism, but also keen to expand into other industries/opportunities.

    Any advice of a direction, location, industry, company, person, country, further training would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Riki Brown
  • TracyRichardson
    Hi Riki

    Welcome to the health and safety community. The skills you are learning are transferable in any industry. My advise is to find what you are passionate about and not to discount your skills and experience over the past 10 years as a people leader.

    Depending on your location register with a good recruitment company, use seek and trade me and through out your net and see what comes back.

    Good luck with your journey

  • Steve H
    Depending on your location register with a good recruitment company, use seek and trade me and through out your net and see what comes back.TracyRichardson

    Good advice Tracy, if you aren't already on Linked In Riki, I'd suggest joining that community too.
  • Nicole
    Hi Riki

    My advice would be to not be afraid of applying for jobs - even if they employer asks for formal experience in the H & S field.

    If you are a good fit for the role then employers might take you on because they can shape and guide you within their company. This is how I got my first H & S role 10 years ago.

    Good luck with getting a foot in the door
    Cheers Nicole
  • Connor Pike
    Hi Riki

    In 2020 i found myself in a similar position. Luckily while I was out of a job, I was studying my diploma.

    I second the comments about applying for any job. Experience is essential in H&S. I have spent a year in a H&S position gaining valuable experience which I am now taking with me to a construction company. Construction H&S is where I have wanted to be.

    I truly recommend EdenFX. They specialize in H&S recruiting across NZ. I cannot recommend them enough.

    Happy to chat if need be, you will find me on LinkedIn.

    Connor Pike
  • Suzanne Peden
    I'm a bit slow on the uptake in responding to this post but thanks for the recommendation Conner - truly appreciated.
    Some great advice already given here Riki, feel free to contact me if you would just like to chat about where to from here. I'm only working part-time through January but happy for you to email me your CV in advance and then set up a time to chat.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Suzanne Peden
  • Cathy Knowsley
    I'd recommend considering freelancing and specialising in the industry you have come from. I come from a background in entertainment and events and have set myself up as a H&S consultant almost exclusively to this industry. That way I can tap off the knowledge and connections I already have and the understanding of "work as done" and still get to work in an industry I know and love.
  • Connor Pike
    Hi Riki

    I would also recommend joining NZISM if you haven't already. A great little network of like minded people.

    Wishing you the best.

  • Garth Forsberg
    Hi Riki,

    My advice has always been to always apply up. Apply for a job that you're underqualified / under experienced for, and then grow into it. Employers are more likely to choose an applicant with ambition and a lower starting salary than one with less drive and a higher starting salary.

  • Johnathan Patchell
    Hi Riki,

    I recall the name on the SIT Activity Boards etc....! Having finished in Oct '21 I would endorse all of the above; I have grown into applying for jobs that read for 3-5yrs experience for the reasons given. I have approached companies for (voluntary) work experience whilst applying for an FTP position and have been successful in achieving this in the Civil / Construction Sector to date.


  • Amy Richards
    Hi Riki,

    My advice to you would be to find your tribe. Develop a network of other H&S practitioners in your area that you trust, that can use as a sounding board, and who can offer kind words of advice when times get rough. These people are invaluable, particularly if you are working as the single H&S resource as a company. I am buoyed by the support that can come from the structured national networks and other regional networks. I encourage you to reach out to them. It is something I never had as a young practitioner but I would have benefited from immensely.

    All the best in your new career.
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