• Luke
    Hi All,

    I am wanting to do some work with my teams around change management, the issue being a lot of the resource I am finding are at a high level when I am wanting something that will provoke thought and discuss around the management of change on site day to day.

    Does anyone have some any suggestions around videos etc.

    Any help is much appreciated!
  • MattD2
    The US Chemical Safety Board has a number of good safety videos available relating to both process safety and worker occupational safety. Just done a quick check but there are a couple of videos which might suit what you need:
    • Blocked In - insufficient process plant Management of Change resulted in isolation valves being installed between a pressure vessel and its pressure relief valve, which were then left closed resulting in an explosion. (https://www.csb.gov/videos/blocked-in/)
    • Simultaneous Tragedy: Fire at Evergreen Packaging - A heat gun used to warm fiberglass resin (to speed up the hardening of the resin during cold weather) cause the resin to ignite causing a fatal fire inside a confined space. Although this video doesn't specifically mention the mid-job change of work method (to use the heat gun), rather it covers this under sufficient planning of work. I think this is a good talking point regarding ensuring workers understand the agreed work plan so that they can be better recognise when they are starting to work outside of the agreed scope, and a change to the work method needs to be reassessed and agreed on. (https://youtu.be/mF1fHHUcstg - released today)

    Lots more videos and safety alerts on their website or YouTube channel.
  • Sarah Bond
    I keep it simple and go for:

    1. Reflect:

    TPIE... did we have the time, people, information and equipment to get the job done? Were there any surprises?

    2. Project:

    TPIE do we have the time, people, information and equipment to keep the job going? Is anything broken? Do people need training? What's dumb, dangerous or different? (3D) what is S.T.I.C.K.Y (sh*t that it could kill us?)

    3. Open Mic:
    A.W.E (and what else?), tell me more? Can you tell me what this looks like to you?
  • Chris Harris
    Maybe keep in mind that sometimes the change (as a causal factor in an accident) is only obvious retrospectively - because from the team's perspective, as the saying goes "change is the only constant". So there is a 'work as imagined'-vs-'work as normal' thing - where everyday, teams have to adapt to changing conditions to get the job done. And normally that allows for successful work.
    One approach that has struck a chord in the past and may be helpful is the "3 Ds" - Dumb, Dangerous and Different, which may be helpful ("Different" and "Change" are obviously related). Here is Todd Conklin talking about it on his Podcast...

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