• Aaron Marshall
    I've got customers who have cockpit cameras fitted, as safety devices to their helicopters, mainly as a requirement from government departments, but also as they see the value in them.
    However, other operators have been asked for the footage following incidents, and have successfully pushed-back on this (I won't go into the details of why, but IMO it is justified). What it has bought up is that the company don't have a formal policy on use, disclosure and storage of this data. We're currently working through reviewing the risks involved at the moment, however, has anyone here been through the same process and have a bit of a starting point? I know some companies have them fitted to vehicles.
  • Myriam Mitchell
    Hi Aaron, happy to help out with this if you would like some further advice on this , please email me on . A privacy policy is recommended here.
  • Chris Peace
    Hi Aaron
    Some brief thoughts.
    You must comply with the Privacy Act (ie, not disclose any personal information). If the filming shows 'workers' at work they may need to give their consent, even if they are carrying out business as usual activities.
    If a camera is fitted to allow filming outside a helicopter or other vehicle this might prohibit sharing film showing a third party without the consent of the third party. However, filming in a public space seems to be legally acceptable.
    Maybe fit plain English notices where they can be seen that tell workers, passengers, etc, that they may be filmed in the course of this journey.
    Take care to not disclose any commercially sensitive information unwittingly, for example voice over when someone describes a planned property transaction.
    A regulatory agency may have the power to require production of recordings and you may want to comply with such a request via your lawyer.
    I suggest you draft a plain English policy in consultation with your own workers and then ask your lawyer to tidy up with 'shall', 'must', 'must not', etc where appropriate. But keep it plain English!
    Sorry this is a bit terse.
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