• Kathy Froy
    All of our reps get sent onto the HSR1 course once they are elected into their role. We have recently had a rep re-elected a 2 year stint away from our committee. I'm wondering if it would be good to put them onto the HSR1 course again, even if he's already done it. No organisations offer public refresher courses closeby, and doing one in-house is not feasible. What are your thoughts on putting reps through a course they've already completed?
  • Kathy Froy
    sorry, should have mentioned they've done HSR2 too.
  • KeithH
    Hi @Kathy Froy
    I'm halfway through a qualification for adult teaching so I am intrigued. My next two papers relate to my questions below.

    How does your organisation ensure training outcomes are achieved? How and when does your organisation measure success (or failure) of the training? When does your organisation engage each individual to measure success following workplace application? How is this measured?

    Is your question related to organisational requirements or is it related to individual requirements? Is the desire a want or a need? How will repeating previous training enhance capability or competency? What is the opinion of the person involved?

    My own observations are that refresher or update courses are only necessary when:
    • a change to or alteration of the original information has occurred, or
    • the knowledge or skills have not been regularly used, or
    • a worker requests the training, or
    • there is a legal requirement.

    Just curious.
  • jason farrow
    For new elected reps that have past training< we provide online training NZQA 29315
    health and safety representative, as a refresher. we can continue further training the second year up to stage 3 if they wish to attend.
  • Robb
    Why not ask the rep what additional training they would like to do?
  • MattD2
    Why not ask the rep what additional training they would like to do?Robb
    And also what they remember from the HSR1 training, if they can:
    • Explain the role and functions of the Health and Safety Representative under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and its Regulations;
    • Explain the role of a Health and Safety Representative as an advocate for workers;
    • Identify the obligations of a PCBU and WorkSafe New Zealand towards the Health and Safety Representative;
    • Describe the risk management process and the importance of communication with workers and management;
    • Describe the purpose, procedures and obligations applicable to a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN); and
    • Describe the rights and process for ceasing unsafe work.
    Then there is little real value in sending them on a HSR1 course again, if they can't then they likely would get value out of the course.
  • Amy Richards
    I teach the HSR1 course and I would say that roughly 5%-ish of the students I teach are doing the course again so it's not as uncommon as you might think. There is a lot of content covered in a HSR1 course so I agree with the above comment about having a conversation with them to see what they still remember.

    There is also the level 2 and level 3 courses which can be taken through to certificate level. I would also make contact with HSR connection point at Worksafe and see if they have any further reccomendations on training pathways.
  • Steve Schroder
    I would be having a chat to the person as asking if they would like to take their working career further in HS. you could suggest working up to LVL 6 or even further if they want to.
    This would have a couple benefits. a couple would be succession planning for the HS roles, shoes the staff that you invest in your people.
    they might not want to, in which case i would treat it like a refresher :)
  • Craig Bleakley
    As with Amy, I teach the HSR 1 & 2 courses, and have had a number of students who have done the course before come back, either through choice or through instruction by their company. If they are in a new role, and especially if they are in a new company then a lot of the course would be valid and interesting as they are applying their new situation to the activities and case studies. If they are in the exact same role, and especially if they have done both HSR 1 & 2 during the past 3/4 years, then I would look for another training course to send them on, for example Incident Investigation, Manual Handling, Managing Contractors, Mental Health & Wellbeing etc.
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