• Karen
    Hi there,
    I'm Karen from INTL, that's my contracting company which is 20 years old next year, so I'm thinking I should celebrate that. I contract to eSafety NZ, Bay Underwater and various other companies, job-dependent. Always new people to meet, albeit briefly.
    I'm mostly involved with getting clients through the never-ending prequals (and I thought WSMP was slightly annoying, I knew nothing), training, policy development, system implementation, inspections, reviews, whatever the client needs.
    I also have a product development/training studio which I use for mental health breaks, so those clients sometimes also need H&S advice as well.
    Great forum, wish I had more time at the moment to read through things.
  • Jared M
    Hi I'm Jared Mclean, used to be a member of the old forum for quite some time. I've somehow just been given H&S focused roles in the past for about 6 years but no decent qualifications. I genuinely find the subject interesting. Having no decent decent qualifications in it, it never sat well with me so currently am doing some study to rectify that
  • Sherralynne Smith
    Hi Jared. Good on you for starting a course of study. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if you get stuck on anything. Having recently completed my Diploma, I know what it's like to study extramurally. Good luck!
  • Jared M
    Hi, thanks. I'm usually pretty good but I do and have already used the forum for that purpose. In general I think it's good for any one at any level to get others opinion/ experience -I mean no one can be a fully self contained mass of all knowledge. Way I see it it's more about knowing we're to find information when needed the forum has been great for that over the years - even just reading over things you thought you didint need to know about is interesting and helpful thanks again
  • Sherralynne Smith
    Hi Jared. Thanks for your response. I agree with you entirely. Are you studying at SIT?
  • Mandy Gudgeon
    Morena all,

    I'm Mandy, Midland Region, H&S for CCS Disability Action. We are in the 'people' and health/disability space. We have many staff working in the community and in private homes so our 'work' places vary greatly!! This is a fantastic resource, thank you for activating the Forum again.
  • Jared M
    Hay, yes through SIT. Done half of the old dip few years ago but then they updated it so had to start again. About half way through now
  • Ronel
    Hi guys, I am Ronel Howe and am currently doing a Graduate Diploma in OHS through SIT. I have worked within the Health and Safety realm for about 15 years now. I currently have my own consulting company and set up OSMS for SME, however I have recently taken on a big contract at a Commercial Plumbing Company as an entry for me into the construction industry.
    I have set 2019 aside to learn as much as I possibly can bout OSH. It's been an amazing journey so far and am looking forward to what the rest of the year is going to bring.
  • G K Andrews
    Kia ora tatou
    I'm Grahame Andrews and I've been with my employer Nelson Pine Industries, for 19 years. I'm a 'Process Operator' (fancy name for what is basically an over qualified timber worker). I've been a Health & Safety rep for 17 of those 19 years and love that facet of my job. it's a frustrating but rewarding job at the same time. We are a company with three defined areas, thus we have a H & S committee, for each area. The overlap comes with our management attending all three meetings. Two of the committees meet quarterly, whilst the third meets monthly. We employ approximately 250 and are one of the bigger employers in Nelson. H & S is always a work in progress!
    Nga mihi nui
  • craig christie
    Kia Ora Koutou.
    Craig Christie, was a member of the old forum for a few years. Employed as an advisor leading the safety, training, system development and implementation across NZ and Australia.
    Find the opinions on here mostly interesting .
  • Stuart Oakey
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm Stuart Oakey, I'm HSQE Manager for a Construction &Project Management Company based in Auckland on a contract basis - I work from home in New Plymouth. I've had my NEBOSH General Cert since 2001, and have working in Power Plant operations until last year.
  • Margaret
    Hi all
    I'm Margaret, a Chartered H&S Professional working in consultancy and founder of the Women in Safety Excellence NZ Group. I have a background in health and safety group management, advisory, and regulatory roles in New Zealand and run a consultancy with a team of H&S generalists and specialists. We are working across multiple industries including central and local govt, CRIs, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, ports and maritime, mining, transportation, trade industries and major hazard facilities. I've also just joined the forum and look forward to contributing. Great to connect with others working in H&S.
  • Jim at SAMs
    Hi all.
    Jim Anderson checking in. I have a part time roll at South Auckland Motors Ltd with a focus on Health and Safety and Property Management.
  • Celeste Erasmus
    Hi all;

    Celeste Erasmus, Workplace Safety Consultant for the Restaurant Industry. Very challenging as I am only in this role from January 2019. Previously mainly in the Mining, Construction and Building industry, doing Audits, Training, Contractor Management etc. So yes, from a very "dirty" environment to a very "clean" environment. Love sharing ideas and looking at pockets of excellence.
  • Jon Harper-Slade

    I am Jon Harper-Slade, GM Skills and Competency at CHASNZ (Construction Health and Safety New Zealand Trust), the peak body for Health and Safety in the New Zealand Building and Construction Industry. Check us out at www.chasnz.org or feel free to PM me at .
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