• rebecca telfer
    Does anyone have a copy of the ISO45001 and ISO19011 standards that they can send to me, thanks in advance.
  • KeithH
    Hi @rebecca telfer,
    With all due respect, these are only $NZ300 each to purchase and download from here. The AS/NZS standards are slightly more expensive.
    While giving away purchased items for free is commendable, asking for copies which are inexpensive to obtain is, IMHO, not so very creditable.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  • Peter Bateman
    This Forum discussion from four years (!) ago might be of interest: https://forum.safeguard.co.nz/discussion/105/page/p1
  • TracyRichardson
    Attached is a good starting point for a self assessment
    ISO-45001-checklist-2018 (216K)
  • Jono Johnson
    Nope. $300 might not be expensive to you, but in this day and age to other people trying to get ahead in their business $300 can be a significant sum.
    Also, as has been my unfortunate experience, some businesses won't pay up even if they need 'em, because crap managers who think they know better than their H&S people would sooner spend that on production.
    If we are expected to abide by these standards as we are expected to abide by the Act, which is free to anyone, then the standards should be free too. Just saying.
  • Steve H
    Is this Standard cited as the required means of compliance? If it is, then you can make that case Jono,for example various AS/NZ Electrical Standards must be adhered to to comply with the Electrical (Safety) Regulations, MBIE and the Electrical Workers Registration Board has an arrangement with Standards NZ to enable currently registered electrical workers to access these
    These are subject to copyright and it would be inadvisable for anyone who has access to it, to flick you a copy Rebecca
  • Alex
    Our standards licencing restricts us from sharing but if you have access to university libraries you can usually access there
  • MattD2
    With all due respect, these are only $NZ300 each to purchase and download from here. The AS/NZS standards are slightly more expensive.KeithH
    They are only NZ$108.90 and $123.30 respectively for the AS/NZS versions from Standards NZ (AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 & AS/NZS ISO 19011:2019/)

    For a company looking to be certified to these standards the cost of the actual standard will generally be a very small percentage of the actual overall cost of getting certified.
  • Don Ramsay

    If they are worried about the cost of the Standard they are going to freak out when they see how much it costs to get audited..
  • Chris Peace
    The two papers I teach at Victoria University of Wellington require access to several standards including ISO31000, IEC/ISO31010, ISO45001, ISO19011 and the recent ISO31073. Students can access them via the library and use them during their study. ISO45003 is being adopted by Standards NZ and will also be available as soon as it is published.
    As one of the volunteers who contributes to standards it is very frustrating that they are not free. Worse, MBIE (as the "parent" of Standards NZ) requires someone to pay for adoption of international standards and joint standards.
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