• JoannaVT
    Hi Guys, I recently found an easy tool to label decanted hazardous substances, (apologies if this has already been covered).
    For all those that need to transfer, or decant, a hazardous substance from its original container into a portable container (which is 40L or less) and it's only used inside the workplace, then it needs a label, Haz Subs Regs s2.1. This section tells us what that needs to include, which is really just that it needs to be in English, have the product name or chemical name and a hazard pictogram and the hazard statement - easy.
    I used a well know label making company (I will name if I am allowed to) that you can buy various sized sheets of cut labels from, then you print on them, they do one that is durable, resistant to water, tears and smudges so I know it will stay readable for a decent time period. As a bonus, they have online templates that you can edit for your labels, in their designs choose Health & Safety, there are 6 design styles to choose from.
    It had space for me to add some instructions for use, for food safety purposes I was able to add which coloured cloth the product had to be used with, the dilution rate, and you can add either HSNO or GHS info and pictograms. At the bottom I included brief emergency response for spills/splashes etc.
    I don't benefit from telling you this at all, it's just a much better result that sellotaping labels onto well handled bottles!
    Joanna van Turnhout.
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