• Peter Bateman
    In the March/April edition of Safeguard we pose three questions based on stories in the magazine. One of them is this:

    Andrew Lensen says there are risks in using AI for health and safety, but the greater risk might be in not using it. In the next two years, how do you expect to make use of AI for H&S purposes?

    Feel free to respond here on the Forum, or privately here via a Survey Monkey form.

    An edited selection of responses will be published in the May/June edition, but with no names attached. One randomly selected person will receive a prize, namely a copy of the book Line in the Sand, by Dean Yates.
  • Matt Sadgrove
    I think the evolution of AI will require the use in house knowledge and may become a part role of the IT manager like H&S is sometimes to HR until businesses understand how to right size the function to their context. I also think the speed of technology as it advances in this area has the potential to reduce expose of people to overly risk laden tasks. As a contractor I will be looking to use it as a team mate to clean up data for better understanding, management and allocation of resource. AI obviously has more exciting applications for asset owners in design and monitoring...
  • Steve Schroder
    Funny that we covered AI as a topic in one of my lectures last night.
    I use AI almost exclusivly for writing my sales proposals and other marketing type material. This has save me sooooo much time.
    AI is a tool and should be embraced as it will only get better with time, there are some big advancments being made in Hazard ID and other practical implementation for safety people, however, like all developing tools people should be very carful to check and verify any results from any AI model.
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