• Jono Johnson
    Hey team,

    Having done the H&S Rep training and done a bit of research into the issuing of a PIN, I'm curious to know how many people here have issued PINs and what for (I'm sort of wondering what was the lack of management input that decided it) but mainly I'm interested to see if anyone suffered any backlash from management?

    On the other side of the coin though, are there any cases out there where the issuing of or the prospect of being issued a PIN has brought about positive change in the workplace?

    Cheers all!
  • Karen Turner
    Hey there:) I had a recent client (called in to complete an independent review of an incident) who (long story short) had serious shortfalls - namely the at risk management of students (an educational facility). Found out after not much digging that a certain group of staff had been complaining about the unsafe practices for over a year. Pretty shocking to say the least. I advised one of the Health and Safety Reps (who I had been talking to as part of the investigation) to issue a PIN. They did so and now they HAVE TO put processes in place and was also a key recommendation in my final report. Interestingly another finding in my report was lack of transparency. The CEO didn't even mention the PIN had been issued to me and when I raised it looked completely shocked! ha! I think this is the perfect scenario to issue one. Finally some action - or as the Rep recently told me - has now opened a hornets nest! Also (and I am not surprised as I used to train rep courses) the OFFICERS didn't even know what a PIN was, so once again the importance of training for boards to enforce H and S reps are there to ensure the safety of all in the PCBU and should be seen as a positive when things are raised for them to ACTION and FIX. If not PIN is an obvious choice.
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