• Andrew
    Time for my usual rant. Seems like a construction site, with no work going on on a Sunday is chock full of overhead risks and truck/forklift drivers who cant see. Have we ever seen a bigger bunch of virtuous non-working high viz hard hat people? About time the Industry learnt the Act. Eliminate risk of harm falling on PM by not allowing her on building site! (where are the steel cap boots?

  • Andrew
    Thankfully sanity prevails.

    A few days ago it was reported that Oz Navy Personnel were banned from marching at an ANZAC dawn service because it was in the dark and there was consequently a Slip/Trip/Fall risk.

    But now ""We will take sufficient safety mitigations prior to that activity to make sure they don't slip." says the head honcho.

    Its written here in the media so must be true. Https://www.theherald.com.au/story/6031073/defence-backflips-on-anzac-day-decision/?cs=7
  • Andrew
    Its time to find somewhere new to live so went to some open homes in the weekend. Stopped at one and I thought I was entering an EQC repair zone. Strange - hadnt been mentioned in the advertising.

    Got closer it was this sign. Agent saw me taking photo and said "do you like our sign" I said "No - I havent seen anything more ridiculous in my whole life" (Must learn to apply filter between thoughts and mouth!). To which he replied its a statutory requirement because they would get into trouble if I tripped.

    If a house is that dangerous why would I want to buy it?
    osh (506K)
  • Andrew
    A good way to start the month I reckon: Hair Straighteners banned at TVNZ

    I reckon someone has read this article (http://www.syfire.gov.uk/beauty-buffs-risk-fire-and-burns-with-hair-straighteners/) which says " An estimated 650,0001 house fires in the UK have been caused by a straightener or similar device being left on.".

    Unfortunately that article is at odds with this article (https://www.firstalert-online.co.uk/fire-safety-facts/)
    which says "There are about 37,000 house fires a year in the UK, the majority of which are caused by electrical equipment misuse, mainly cooking appliances."

    Thankfully for TVNZ staff the RWC will end and the risk will disappear.
  • Sheri Greenwell
    - Totally misses opportunities to come up with useful controls, too!
  • MattD2
    Thankfully for TVNZ staff the RWC will end and the risk will disappear.Andrew
    Was going to say the same thing - this is probably one of the things that annoys me the most in safety - it being used as the justification of actions that are not even slightly related to managing safety. Case in point, ligitimate that they have banned using hair straighteners / curling irons / etc. if their is a real business risk in the case a fire alarm gets set off an the building has to be evacuated and the world cup coverage goes down (sounds like they have been burnt on this in the past!) - just don't throw safety in there thinking it is going to automatically strengthen your case!
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