• Jamie Swan
    Hi, I am (Mrs) Jamie Swan, diary farm owner and part-time admin for an automation company that Fonterra Whareroa keep quite busy :) I was a member of the old forum. Original role balanced financial admin with Quality and Health & Safety, but in 2018, they split the roles. I am looking after our quality system upgrade to ISO 9001 and continuing to manage the Health & Safety Programme / CPNZ accreditation program for Icon Automation Ltd. I also managed our farm safety programme. In my community world, I have been Chairperson of the Governing Board of Kindergarten Taranaki coming up 6 years now and plan to stand down at our AGM in October.
  • Terry Johnson
    Hello to you all,

    I am Terry Johnson, Director of H&S Advisory Services at Simpson Grierson.

    I look forward to hearing the issues that others are battling with across NZ, and learning from the suggestions and ideas posted. I also hope I can make a positive contribution with comments, thoughts and ideas from time to time.
  • Sarah Fair
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Sarah and I'm the H&S Co-ordinator for CampbellArnott's NZ. I'm so glad this forum is up and running again as I've found it has been really helpful in the past and a great place to network with people from all different backgrounds and levels of experience in H&S. I look forward to reading your posts!
  • Rosalie McKnight
    I've missed having the forum, probably more of a reader than a contributor but great to see it up and running again.
    I look forward to seeing the 'trends' and conversations.
  • Derek Holmes
    Hello all,
    My name is Derek Holmes, I'm the H&S Co-ordinator for Barker Fruit Processors down here in South Canterbury.
    Like many other former forum members, I'm pleased to see it rise again from the ashes of the old one.
    Looking forward to learning more about our chosen field from other people's knowledge and experiences.
  • Mike Causer
    Hi everyone
    I'm a self employed Occupational Physician. When I was in the UK I worked with H&S professionals on the health components of their risk management systems, and ended up joining IOSH. I'd like to keep in touch with what's happening in the H&S profession here and I joined the forum about a week before it ended, so I'm glad to see it back.
  • John Easton
    Hi everyone,
    My name is John Easton and I am the HSE & Quality Manager for Rheem New Zealand in Avondale, Auckland.
    I have found the previous forum to be invaluable for H&S information in the past and I am very happy to see it return.
  • DEBBIE robertson
    Hi Debbie Robertson Director of RURALSAFE NZ wide
    New to the forum be great to see the robust discussion such forums produce and keen to see what people think about this PREQUAL.
  • Mike Saunders
    Hi All

    Mike Saunders General Manager of machinery movers.
    I am very interested to see how this forum develops, one of my main interests is in discussions around company and people prequals, which appear in my email on a all to regular basis.
  • Bill Nelson
    Hi All

    I am a consultant working in the business and health and safety spaces. Currently working with Guard Safety in Nelson. I am a lifetime student, always open to learn new things, and an encourager and applauder of those who share their experiences with others. This forum is a great tool to share knowledge with each other and I am looking forward to receiving and giving as part of my membership of it.
  • Marty Davey
    Hi all
    Marty Davey, HR Manager at Canterbury Spinners Ltd. Former member and to date just a watcher. Glad to see the forum back up and running
  • Rob McAulay
    Hi Everyone,
    Rob McAulay, previous forum member now one of the Corporate HSW Advisory Team at Auckland Council, great to see the forum up and running again, well done Peter and the team.
  • Stuart Floan
    Hi Everyone,

    Stuart Floan, Principal Consultant for SafeSearch Recruitment.
    I am new to the industry and want to be able to chat with the experts about roles, jargon and learnings.
  • Aaron Marshall
    Hi All,
    I'm Aaron Marshall, and I'm an independent Aviation Consultant, currently primarily focused on Safety Management Systems. One of the big things that we are facing is educating about the difference between the Safety Management System, and Health and Safety.
    I'm hoping to pick up a lot of tips regarding the Health and Safety aspect, and find some better ways to integrate the two.
  • Glenn Taylor
    Greetings all,
    Brilliant to see the forum back up. I'm an old forum chap that withdrew from public life many years ago but I recently thought that was selfish of me. We all have a story to tell, tales to share, experiences to learn from. My background is 30 plus years across some very different environments, often high hazard and hostile from oil/gas refineries in Saudi Arabia, mining in Ethiopia, civil construction in the jungles of PNG, and a few more. More recently I was part of the Waterview Tunnel project and City Rail Link. I'm still learning today ! Good to see you again at the conference Peter and Grant, its been so many years. I don't know everything but if I can help you need only ask...
  • Mick Farrow
    Hi All
    I'm Mick Farrow Health, Safety & Compliance Manager for Bostock NZ. I am looking forward to connecting with you all.
  • Darren Cottingham
    I'm Darren and I've run https://www.drivingtests.co.nz since 2010. My areas of interest are vehicle and transport safety and training.
  • Michelle Stephenson
    Hi All,
    I am Michelle Stephenson, Business Manager at IPL and a new member. H&S is a major part of my role and I am keen to connect and learn from others.
  • Lee Keighley
    Hi all
    I'm Lee Keighley, HSEQ for Abergeldie Harker. I'm new to this forum and looking forward to reading some interesting topics. Cheers
  • Joseph Fletcher
    Hi, I'm Joe

    Currently working as Health, Safety and Security Co-coordinator at Housing New Zealand. Also studying Grad Dip OHS and have been working in the industry for just over a year now. I'm new to this forum and keen to get involved.
  • Geoff Plimmer
    Hi, I'm Geoff

    I work at Victoria University School of Management and have an interest in psycho-social safety issues in the workplace. Always keen to see what the emerging issues are.
  • Michelle Dykstra
    Hello folks, my name is Michelle Dykstra. I work for MLC Group Ltd in the timber re-manufacturing industry. I am particularly interested in practical ways to engage workers and make H&S simple and effective. I look forward to online discussions and I am open to being contacted by others working in timber manufacturing who no doubt are managing many of the same risks as we are.
  • Graham Neate
    Hi there, I’m Graham Neate. My involvement in health and safety began in 1993 after the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 came in to effect. Have seen safety systems evolve from simple, effective, practical safety procedures to the large paper-based monsters that we work with today. Have worked in a range of safety roles at an operational and national level. Specialist area #farmsafety. Currently working as Group Health and Safety Manager for a group of Mid Canterbury trucking companies and agricultural contractors.
  • Derek Miller
    Hi Folks, I'm Derek Miller but answer to most names. I'm a freelance occupational hygienist and member of the HASANZ Governance Group and on the board of the Asian Network for Occupational Hygienists. Look forward to seeing what chats come up as there's always something new to learn or think about.
  • Peter Scanlan
    Kia ora tatou
    I am Peter Scanlan, National Director, WorksafeReps. We offer workplace health and safety training around the Country. I joined the organisation a month ago, and signed up to this forum yesterday. Pleased to be a part of this forum and the industry. In addition to workplace safety I am also very interested in the psycho-social areas of health and well-being, particularly poor management that may lead to workplace bullying, stress, overwork and worker fatigue.
  • Sherralynne Smith
    Hi, I'm Sherralynne. I have worked in then health and safety industry for 4 years. Previously employed by The Salvation Army as their Health and Safety Administrator/Rehabilitation Assistant and the Anglican Diocese of Waiapu as their Health and Safety/Quality Advisor. I graduated with my Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety last year and currently looking for new employment opportunities. It's great this forum is back up and running again. I used to subscribe to the forum a few years ago and missed it when it closed down.
  • Janet Mary Houston
    I'm Jan Houston - Houston We Have a Problem is my tagline!! I've been a H&S Advisor for many years and finally decided to start my own consultancy early last year. It's an exciting time to be a Health and Safety Professional and rewarding to have clients that so thoroughly embracing a safety culture. One client has been nominated finalist for Safeguard Awards and they are over the moon. I've recently signed up for the NZISM mentoring programme, because I've had a couple of amazing inspiring women who have shone a light for me in my career and I want to play it forward. I believe that NZISM are doing an awesome job and I'm really enjoying some of the free forums. I hope more and more Health and Safety Professionals get themselves listed in the HASANZ Register because we have some people in our industry that are in it for all the wrong reasons. This forum is great and I love how health and safety professionals are so keen to assist one another ... we all have the same goals after all. Let's turn this country stats around and make it the safest place in the world to work!!!!!
  • Trudy Downes
    Kia ora koutou

    Ko Trudy tōku ingoa. I look after H&S for the Methodist Church of NZ. Background in commercial construction and NZTA. New to the forum but am enjoying the topics.
  • Karen
    Hi there,
    I'm Karen from INTL, that's my contracting company which is 20 years old next year, so I'm thinking I should celebrate that. I contract to eSafety NZ, Bay Underwater and various other companies, job-dependent. Always new people to meet, albeit briefly.
    I'm mostly involved with getting clients through the never-ending prequals (and I thought WSMP was slightly annoying, I knew nothing), training, policy development, system implementation, inspections, reviews, whatever the client needs.
    I also have a product development/training studio which I use for mental health breaks, so those clients sometimes also need H&S advice as well.
    Great forum, wish I had more time at the moment to read through things.
  • Jared M
    Hi I'm Jared Mclean, used to be a member of the old forum for quite some time. I've somehow just been given H&S focused roles in the past for about 6 years but no decent qualifications. I genuinely find the subject interesting. Having no decent decent qualifications in it, it never sat well with me so currently am doing some study to rectify that
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