• Tony Scott
    Congratulations to Nicole Rosie and the Worksafe board for appointing Daniel Hummerdal to the role of Chief Adviser of Health and Safety Innovation at Worksafe.
    Being reasonably new to the field of health and Safety it was refreshing to attend a seminar cpresented by Daniel last year.
    Safety Differently/ Safety 11 is a fresh approach and I hope New Zealand business embraces it.
  • Lee Nicolson
    Having not attended Daniels presentation, can you offer some context on his fresh approach that caught your interest and support?
  • Michelle Gillman
    Here's an interview with Daniel Hummerdal and what he hopes to do in his role. Click here to watch a Youtube video.
    I think his approach is really exciting and I look forward to seeing NZ lead the world in safety innovation. Exciting times ahead for us all.
  • Tony Scott
    Hi Lee

    I guess for me the seminar was about information gathering. Looking beyond legislature and compliance. Forward thinking not continually looking at the past. Keeping your current systems in place however learning when they are not working for you and tweeting them if you are able. Adding value to the current system. Involving the front line workers more with open conversations. Aiming to see what type of future we are looking for.

    Safgety Differently is worth checking out just to get another prospective on what is a very challenging industry.
  • Jan Hall
    Hmmm. Video. Well - he says he's excited and the role is exciting. He says that quite a lot! "Kiwis want to go their own way and do their own thing?" Has he READ the HSWA 2015? At the bottom of each clause of which is a reference to the Australian legislation from which it's been taken?
    Oh well. Glad he's excited!
  • Jo Prigmore
    I think its very exciting that our Regulator has appointed someone so well recognised in the Safety II space. It may allow us to be more innovative and move from always chasing the AU or UK processes
  • Rob McAulay
    I agree with Jan, this is exciting and I think someone with Daniel's background and innovation will enable us to move forward in an NZ way. So I will be watching this space, so to speak, with a great deal of interest
  • Glen Coleman
    Are the legal parameters that Worksafe work within creative enough to move into this area?

    The default position is that they are the regulator and will continue to be the regulator. Which is absolutely appropriate

    Mixed messages are already a problem with Worksafe, having Daniel there will certainly expand a lot of narrow thinking which hopefully will be helpful for Worksafe and industry.

    We will see.
  • Tania Curtin
    This is super exciting news!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the impact of Daniel's work... it's certainly a revolutionary approach for a regulator to appoint someone to a role like this! NZ is known for it's innovative culture... hopefully we will see this manifested at Worksafe.
  • Craig Marriott
    The WorkSafe Act actually provides for a much broader role in facilitating improvements in safety performance than the straightforward, old-fashioned regulatory approach. There is a lot of good work happening in WorkSafe to broaden out in this way, of which this is just one part. It will be harder but, hopefully, more beneficial.
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