• Alex
    Hi all,

    we're looking at revitalising our reporting to the Board and improving the information we supply, particularly around lead and cultural indicators. We are in a high risk industry with 3 companies in the group and 3 Boards requiring reporting (with some overlap of information).

    Would anyone have a reporting template they would be willing to share (all confidential info removed of course) so that we can get some ideas?


  • Jane
    Hi Alex, could you pm me your email addie? I have something I can send through for you to compare.
  • Steffan St Clair-Newman
    Morning Alex,
    We too are reviewing our reporting and what is actually providing value rather than just pretty graphs and statistics, it appears for sometime it has been about LTI's, MTI's...etc etc etc and not much thought on the positive side of things....we are hopeful we will have our format locked in by late next week.:smirk:
  • Alex

    Hi Jane

    my email is

    Thanks heaps

  • Alex

    It will be interesting to see how you get on
  • Janet Mary Houston
    Hi Jane - I am having the same issues - any chance of sharing with me too - ours definitely need a revamp thanks Jan
  • Peter Bateman
    Measuring What Matters has been around for 4 or 5 years now but still worth a look.
  • Tony Walton
    Just some ideas Alex. 1- Critical risk control activity (training, assessments done, team talks etc.), 2- Lessons learned from incidents, accidents etc., 3 - Improvements implemented. Also the board may be more informed and motivated by stories and actions to prevent injuries going forward rather than statistical measurement and benchmarking from the past.
  • Alex

    Thank you

    We haven't added stories before so that's definitely something to consider
  • Steffan St Clair-Newman
    After our meeting with one of the board members we have looked at what they would like to see and discussed these requirements, funny enough a robust discussion around LTIs etc was had with my question being "so what", lucky for us we are moving away from this sort of reporting, some other topics we are investigating for the report include the following type of graphs :Event Classification by Critical Risk, Critical Risk Event Causation Factors (particular interest in SOPs) and Critical Risk Event Control Effectiveness...more work in progress but good progress!
  • Chrissy Hansen
    Hi Alex,
    Just a few pointers on reporting to the board and what they usually like to see.
    -Any Heath and Safety improvements/investments major spends and why.
    -Incident/accident reports (significant) not just the near misses but trends should be mentioned.
    -Graphs with full data including LTIFR along with a comparison to National data of similar industries as a comparison
    -Staff training investments and special achievements
    -A bit about contractor management if relevant
    -Photos to support the above
    -I usually finish the report with a Health and Safety funny.
  • Chrissy Hansen
    Oh and new Policies and Procedures (SOPs)
  • SusiR
    I've just redone ours, splitting them into HS and Wellbeing indicators. We've kept in the lag indicators for HS so we can track (notifiable events, injuries, employee and contractor incidents and SL hours), but adding in more lead around training events, uncontrolled hazards, safety observations, internal and external audits completed. For Wellbeing - lag is EAP sessions, lead is resilience training and ignite platform interactions. I'm introducing critical risk critical control verifications under internal audits also... slow and steady progress!!
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