• Wayne Nicholl
    Hi, I am currently working for a small / med construction company and looking at potentially using the ISO framework as a vehicle to lift our H&S standards. In a past life I did some auditing for ISO and to be honest it has sort of put me off. Has it changed to a point where it is not an admin nightmare to maintain? Has anyone implemented it and did it actually improve safety or just your audit scores??
  • Tony Walton
    Hi Wayne - I've implemented ISO 45001 in several organisations 2017/18. Yes the management system standard has significantly changed from an 'admin nightmare' to 'you decide what documentation you'll keep' and wisely goes with a risk based approach focusing on 'what really matters'. Does it improve safety? Compared to WSMP, Safe Plus, AS/NZS 4801 or ISO18001 you'll be pleasantly surprised with the analysis and what to do with it. Find me on LinkedIn NZ if you'd like to discuss your specific situation..
  • Michael Wilson
    We are currently exploring this. We are waiting for ACC to make some decisions around EAP which is slowing down my business case.
  • Andrew Jorgensen
    In my experience, both internal H&S standards or external ISO standards require an audit to look for gaps, action system to close the gaps, and monitoring. Have you looked at SafePlus?
  • Monex Holdings

    Hi Wayne. What did you decide in the end?
    We are also considering this, but pretty much solely due to the fact we are already 9001 and 14001 accredited. Bringing H&S into a similar management process might help us to more easily and effectively manage our H&S system - and Quality, H&S and Environmental often intersect each other in areas like risk management and continuous improvement. Audit wise it would add a few hours to the annual external audit we do, so relatively low cost for on-going maintenance.
  • Wayne Nicholl
    at this stage I will spend this year preparing our documentation against ISO standards - then go for accreditation in 2020. I ;looked at SafePlus - but think we can go beyond that ... fingers crossed!
  • Sheri Greenwell
    I look at the ISO standards as a useful generic checklist. It's no substitute for actively and appropriately considering your own business context and needs and developing useful and relevant management systems accordingly. Likewise, I often suggest that the ISO standards are best used as a guidance tool rather than seeking formal certification unless demanded by customers, with the proviso that the organisation must 1) understand the requirements sufficiently to 2) apply them intelligently and appropriately to the organisation and 3) conduct sufficient organisational intelligence and management reviews to keep executive management's finger on the pulse to ensure the system continues to function as it should.
  • Wayne Nicholl
    Thanks for that - really good feedback
  • Chris Peace
    Last year I led 16 workshops on 45001 for NZISM members and made the point that all management system standards (eg, 45001, 9001 and 14001) are based on "Annex SL". This sets out the high-level structure for all such standards (43 at last count) and is available free of charge from the ISO website.
    Annex SL has the potential to be a straightjacket and has caused problems for the 2018 edition of ISO31000 but If you already have, for example, a 9001 system adding 45001 to create an integrated management system should be fairly simple.
    SafePlus does not fit neatly into the Annex SL framework and so is really a standalone system for OHS.
    A key question is what will get senior management to act? Do they want silos in which the organisation is managed or an integrated system where there is "one process for an activity"?
    I've now structured all my training materials to link with Annex SL (and thus all MSS) and later this year will complete adding SafePlus. So far, the integrated process makes much simpler.
    Wayne, I would be inclined to develop a combined 9001/45001 system and aim for certification when management and the market are ready for it.
  • E Baxter

    Are you please able to provide a link to the Annex SL? It sounds interesting but I can't seem to find it...
  • Chris Peace
    The full link to the pdf is below (do the usual copy paste into your browser).
    If that doesn't work go to https://www.iso.org/directives-and-policies.html . In the left hand side of the screen you should see "ISO/IEC Directives Part 1 and Consolidated ISO Supplement". Click on that and on the supplement page select the pdf version.
    When you have the pdf navigate to annex SL (the whole document is very long). I suggest you copy that annex out and create a new file that will be much easier to use. If you use annex SL thoughtfully you should be well down track with developing a generic management system but will not have, for example, any detail from 45001 or 9001.
    Let us know how you get on.
  • Chris Peace

    A follow up thought on ISO documentation. Many will know the concerns about excessive paperwork. ISO published guidance after the 2015 edition of ISO9001 was published that partly answers this. Go to:
    Scroll down till you see "Guidance on the requirements for Documented Information of ISO 9001:2015" and click on it to select it.
    Let us all know what you think on it.
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