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About (eg: job title and organisation) Health, safety and wellbeing consultant with a difference!

People, Systems and Compliance are the three vital cogs in the wheels of good health safety and wellbeing management.

Without People understanding why we have to do something, or buying into the reasons to change accepted and common practice, no amount of systems and compliance will improve safety performance past a certain point.

I offer 20+ of practical experience successfully helping people at all levels of an organisation, to understand the need for safer and healthier practices, tapping into how their individual brains are wired so they carry out compliance when the boss, or the Health and Safety Advisor, is not around.

I can assess your existing systems and processes to identify areas of opportunity for you and your teams to work on to continually improve, not only your health and safety performance, but also quality and financial performance.

Good health and safety leads naturally to better quality, which leads to less damage and loss which equates to improved profitability.

I'm an experienced investigator and can facilitate serious investigations with your teams to help them through the complex nature most of these incidents include so they unlock all the causes and are able to eliminate or reduce the severity of the risks involved.

Working with leadership teams to set strategy and collaborating with various parts of an organisation to successfully implement strategic outcomes that best engages with all personnel.

Reporting to Boards and providing guidance on governance issues from a health, safety and wellbeing perspective.

I deploy a systematic and holistic approach to the continuous improvement journey for health safety and wellbeing, expanding on the good that already exists and supporting the business to improve where opportunities present themselves.

Guide people to see the benefit of doing things right because it is the right thing to do for them, their teammates, and the organisation.
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