• Health And Safety At Work Reform
    No doubt you have been checking MBIE's page on the H&S reforms being considered by the Government and have signed up to get a copy of the draft regulations when they are released early next year- no, now's good :razz:

    Next steps
    An early draft of the proposed regulations will be released in early 2022 for further feedback, and to test the detail.

    You can join our mailing list to register your interest in receiving a draft of the regulations in early 2022.

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  • What Will White Island Mean For Your Business
    The eruption on Whakaari / White Island,has prompted a review of the adventure activity regulations and Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood last month unveiled a set of proposals to tighten them up.

    At the moment, the regulatory regime does not explicitly address the risks that come from natural hazards like rockfalls, water surges, flooding, eruptions and avalanches.

    That means there is not enough assurance that all operators are managing these risks well, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) proposal document states.
    Sarah Robson - RNZ

    If your business involves adventure tourism, you probably already know that you only have until the 5th of November to comment on the proposed changes.

    If your hobbies/recreation include accessing the great outdoors to hunt, fish, ski, 4X4, climb and kayak on private land, you should look closely at how these proposals might impact a landowners view on the desirability of permitting these activites.
  • No jab, no job?
    After a long and unlamented absence, the chill winds of Covid have reached the South Island. If you've been considering mandatory Covid vaccination, doubtless you'll be talking to an employment lawyer first, as a part of your due diligence, you'll want to read the Employment Relations Authority decision on the four Aviation Security Staff Vs CAA( 2021 NZERA 426)
  • No jab, no job?
    It's that awful "depends" isn't it Sam? A bunch of assorted ages and states of vax, in close proximity in a large office with few/no opening windows are at greater risk of catching Covid if a an infected person actively shedding the virus comes into their workplace, than three or four out in a large warehouse, with container height doors that are open for most of the day.

    It was said on the podium of truth this morning that they were looking at the Covid 19 regulations to clarify this and the status of vaccine passports.
  • Tell us something about yourself that might surprise readers
    Enough of the teasers. We need the tale told in a paragraph.Peter Bateman

    If they spill the beans Peter, they may have to kill us all afterward, careful what you wish for :razz:
  • Frivolous Friday Mk2 AKA The Dead Horse?
    If we hit 90% I'll stop pushing this wheel barrow


  • Covid vaccination - can it be required on H&S grounds?
    Another ventilation assessment link for you Sarah, it's pitched at school/uni classrooms, but applicable to an office Ventilation Rate Assessment Guide
  • Rapid antigen tests
    I would be interested to know if anybody else is having this raised in their workplaces and if you are looking at purchasing some, and if so from where?Steffan St Clair-Newman

    Has the Govt lifted the ban on their importation yet? A trial is underway and a consortium of companies and organizations have permission to bring some in
    The companies taking part in the trial include:

    • Mainfreight
    • Foodstuffs North Island
    • Genesis
    • Hynds Pipe Systems
    • Mercury
    • Summerset Group
    • Wellington Airport
    • Christchurch Airport
    • Sky NZ
    • Queenstown Airport
    • Spark
    • Vodafone
    • The Warehouse Group
    • ANZ Bank
    • Contact Energy
    • Fulton Hogan
    • Countdown/Woolworths NZ
    • Fletcher Building
    • Carter Holt Harvey
    • Meridian Energy
    • DHL Express NZ
    • Air NZ
    • Auckland Airport
  • No jab, no job?
    Here's another Stuff item on another large employer mandating vaccination Peter. Sanford makes Covid-19 vaccination compulsory for fishing crews
    Meanwhile a Canterbury employer is offering staff a days leave to take two for the team
  • Second hand goods and Delta
    This page will simplify things considerably Mandy, UVC wands kill viruses. Experts warn they're also a 'major safety issue' But with the safety issues addressed, it could be a way to deal with donations coming in from the community.
  • Second hand goods and Delta
    However there really is very little literature I have found around ensuring donated goods, on-sold are 'clean'.Mandy Gudgeon

    Possibly, in addition to the things you are already doing, exposing the items to UVC light would provide some additional peace of mind (bearing in mind that emitters of UVC are also producing Ozone) Here's a link to a review of systems that do this A Critical Review on Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems against COVID-19 Outbreak: Applicability, Validation, and Safety Considerations
  • No jab, no job?
    I have a client who as a contractor has now been required to "show evidence" of staff being fully vaccinated in order to be on site.
    My question is - should the client be collating all their employees proof of vaccination information, or is this a privacy issue and therefore the individual worker should provide that personal medical information themselves or give permission to the boss to pass it on?
    Sarah Foster

    Your contractor should ask for "Proof" that all the staff of his client on site are vaccinated then.
  • Do small fire extinguishers carried in work vehicles require an annual check
    However, qualified and competent are different things, so wording this is going to take some work.Aaron Marshall

    And frequently in my experience, "Qualified" persons aren't necessarily competent to undertake some work. But we are talking a Level Two check of a Fire Extinguisher, not a Pressure Test/Recharge, and as such, isn't maintenance with the exception of removing the Wand/Hose from an FX so equipped and checking it isn't blocked.
  • No jab, no job?

    Anyone responsible for teachers H&S/School Pupils, might want to advise teachers about webinars NanoGirl is hosting to answer their questions about Pfizzer's Vaccine and its safety in light of the Government's mandate that teachers get jabbed Q&A For Educators
  • Frivolous Friday Mk2 AKA The Dead Horse?
    I'm OK I've got protection

    Tomorrow is Super Vax Saturday, if you haven't done the Jab thing, tomorrow's good :razz:

  • Two staff members - A Hypothetical Vaccine Discusion
    You might want to take a look at the Employment Relations Authority's determination as a starting point Dianne GV Vs NZ Custons [2021] NZERA 382 3138682
  • Do small fire extinguishers carried in work vehicles require an annual check
    This is exactly what your extinguisher servicing people are doing, so they are telling the truth when they say that they need the same checks done.Aaron Marshall

    • They should be checking when the extinguisher is due for a pressure test (Five years
      after it was manufactured).
    • They will confirm the instruction for use label is present and can be easily read
    • They will check the pressure gauge is in the green zone (over/under is a fail)
    • They should be weighing it to confirm it is still at it's initial fill weight,
    • They should be removing any flexible wand and confirming it's not blocked (wasps use outdoor
      ones to try and start a nest off in), and any internal rattle
    • They are examining the outside for any signs of corrosion/damage(they are pressure vessels)
    • A gentle tap with a rubber mallet will free up any compaction (you should feel the powder
      sloshing around in side it- the center of its gravity will change too if it's not compacted.
    • They will confirm that locking ring is fitted, and indicator tag is in place.
    • Once they have done that, they will clip the test date tag on the extinguisher with the month
      and year of this check.
    • A good operator will give you a list of all the extinguishers they checked, what their weights
      were, and when their next pressure tests are due

    No reason why you can't do this, but you must do all of this
  • Do small fire extinguishers carried in work vehicles require an annual check
    and there are no set standards for the inspection of fire extinguishers for cars. (Light vehicles).Chrissy Hansen

    NZS 4503:2005 for hand operated Fire EquipmentChrissy Hansen

    Annually unless in an arduous location as per NZS4503:2005, the fact that the portable fire fighting equipment is mounted in a vehicle is neither here nor there. What's not required, is putting a fire extinguisher in the vehicle in the first place.

    A 1Kg Fire Extinguisher has no place anywhere, if you are going to supply a Fire Extinguisher, put a decent one in that has 1/2 a chance of putting a fire out 2.5Kg minimum, with a flexible wand to direct the contents of it at the appropriate part of the fire according to what is actually burning.

    Under NZS4503, you are supposed to supply training also (and as per Heath & Safety At Work Act)
  • No jab, no job?

    In finding that the dismissal was justified, the authority rejected the applicant’s argument that their stance on vaccination “does not impact any other person in the workplace”.

    The authority held that this was unsustainable given that every employee has an obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act to take “reasonable care that his or her acts, or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of others”.
    Susan Hornsby-Geluk
  • Do small fire extinguishers carried in work vehicles require an annual check
    Yes, they should be getting checked, after five years, they are due for a pressure test (for small ones, this is usually uneconomic and they are replaced). If they are mounted outside of the vehicles cab, six monthly would be more appropriate