• Occupational Health Monitoring - Employees Who Want to Opt Out
    We need to be doing environment testing first and foremost to make sure our employees aren't being exposed to anything dangerous. If we find they are we should work hard to improve our risk management. That is, putting in proper controls.Andrew

    Absolutely Andrew, that's a given. But there will plenty of workers like Sherie's that may have been exposed to substances previously, or that may be exposed to a potentially damaging substance by virtue of the industry that they work in. Some examples could be Asbestos Removal, Concrete Grinding/Cutting, Stone Bench Top Manufacturers. Again, responsible employers will try and engineer solutions to separate them from those substances, but there may have to be some reliance on PPE

    I was able to bring up a hearing check from 25 years ago which showed he had hearing loss at the time and it was likely due to him being in a foreign army and using heavy artillery.Andrew

    And under the 2016 Regulations, you are required to retain the results of any health monitoring for 40 or 30 years, so while in your case, it didn't help someone prove they had developed a health issue from a gradual process exposure to some agent they came into contact with back in the day, being able to prove that contact will help folk in the future. Which would be why I think the advice that you should "consider" transferring health monitoring records to the new owner of a business that is sold, should be altered to "you shall" as it conflicts with the wording and presumably the intent of the regulations Cathy.
  • Occupational Health Monitoring - Employees Who Want to Opt Out
    Interesting read Cathy, particularly liked this sentence

    We recommend including biological exposure monitoring or health monitoring
    participation into employment agreements or contracts (with all the relevant
    information) so workers will know up-front about these requirements, and give
    their informed consent before they take the job.However, workers can still
    withdraw their informed consent at any time

    Also liked the part that advised you should consider transferring health monitoring results to the new owner if the business is sold, given the legislation requires the results to be retained for either 30 or 40 years, seems like yet another bit of conflicting advice from our Meerkat Mates.
  • Forklift Operators Certificate
    There's even a provider who will, for $150 - $300 provide you with "WorkSafe NZ Certification".Andrew

    Yes, I didn't know that WorkSafe provided product and service endorsements, but if you see it on the internet, it must be true
  • Forklift Operators Certificate
    hen I remind myself that the Forklift Certificate isn't mandatory. And that there is probably some very good coin to be made by training providers putting their own 3 year cash churn limit on it.Andrew

    Surely not Andrew :lol:
  • Occupational Health Monitoring - Employees Who Want to Opt Out
    But NZ's ERA legislation also means that existing workers (especially long-serving employees who have many years if service) cannot have a new contractual requirement imposed on them without an appropriate consultation process.....what to do, eh?!??Sheri Greenwell

    Consultation is the key Sheri, this is a change imposed by government regulation, it's being imposed on employers who don't have any choice, and the way the regulation reads, neither do employees caught by it. If there's a clause in their contracts along the lines of " the employee shall at all times comply with Health & Safety legislation", then it's a slam dunk.

    In the same way, the Holidays Act may be changed to give extra Sick Leave, and extend when it may be taken (probably won't need too much consulting when it happens), but some explanation on how it's going to be implemented will be required.
  • Covid-19 and Risk Management
    Welcome to the wormhole that is employment, health & safety and Covid Vaccinations,

    Workers do not have to tell their employer if they have been vaccinated or why they are unable or choose not to be vaccinated. If workers have consented, the Ministry of Health can inform employers whether Group 1 workers have been vaccinated. Employers can ask workers if they have been vaccinated. If workers do not tell employers what their vaccination status is, employers may assume workers are unvaccinated, but should first inform workers of this assumption.Employment New Zealand

    If you think a role in your business or service needs to be performed by a worker vaccinated against COVID-19, you need to assess the role’s exposure risk to the virus. A strong indicator is if the role currently requires mandatory regular COVID-19 testing under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Required Testing) Order 2020.Assessing whether a specific role needs to be performed by a vaccinated worker

    When carrying out a risk assessment, you’ll need to consider:

    the likelihood of workers being exposed to COVID-19 while performing the role, and
    the potential consequences of that, eg community transmission
  • Charging Heavy Duty Batteries
    Follow the advice for lead/acid traction batteries Rebecca (Battery Electric Forklifts), well ventilated space (Hydrogen gas is released during charging process and could build up to an explosive concentration-about 4%), unwise to leave on charge overnight (cause of a number of workshop fires). Check DC leads on charger for nicks/breaks in their insulation (no great risk of shock, but a short circuit could start a fire or cause battery to explode),A dry chemical, CO2 or foam fire extinguisher must be at hand too (staff should be trained to use any portable fire fighting equipment provided in their workplace)

    There's some quite good advice here and a guide to motor garage hazards here it's an old Dept Of Health handbook, but still some useful observations.

    Technology is catching up, so charging specifics will vary according to the type of battery fitted. And Electric Trucks/Buses have their own specific requirements- see this thread
  • Occupational Health Monitoring - Employees Who Want to Opt Out
    2016 Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) RegulationsSteve H

    No mention of consent being required Chris, just an obligation to inform about the hazard, PPE required and the requirement that any workers exposed to the hazard must have their health monitored. Probably a good idea to specifically get agreement to monitoring in Employment Contracts as new staff come on board if this regulation applies to your situation
  • Occupational Health Monitoring - Employees Who Want to Opt Out
    . Even COVID-19 tests aren't compulsory for people staying in MIQ.Chris Anderson

    They are mandated for the workers on the border though Chris
    COVID-19 Public Health Response (COVID-19 Testing) Order 2020
  • Occupational Health Monitoring - Employees Who Want to Opt Out
    If this monitoring is triggered by possible exposure to substances that may be harmful then:

    33 Duty to inform worker of health monitoring

    (1) A PCBU who is required by regulations to provide health monitoring to a worker must give the information specified in subclause (2) to—
    (a) a person who is likely to carry out work that involves a health hazard; and
    (b)a worker for the PCBU before the worker commences work that involves a health hazard.

    Under 2016 Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations it looks like the worker has the right to decline to undertake that work, if they don't want to accept their health being monitored, but if they do the work, the PCBU has a duty to conduct health monitoring and hold the results for 40 years in the case of asbestos exposure and 30 years in all other cases (see regs 29-42). Reading them, I see no provision for a worker opt out, in the same way there isn't an opt out for wearing PPE etc(there is an option WRT PPE that the employee may substitute PPE of their own choosing so long as PCBU is satisfied that PPE is equivalent or better to the PCBU supplied PPE)..
  • Covid-19 and Risk Management
    That's a really nice presentation that neatly explains why no single measure is going to defeat the beast, thanks Sheri :ok:
  • Forklift Operators Certificate
    You are correct John, if they are not operating an FL on a public road, public place or area where there is pedestrian access, they don't need an "F" endorsement or a full license. But it's hard to envisage a workplace that wouldn't have some form of pedestrian access.
  • Traffic Management Plan
    Hi Sonya
    Welcome to the forum, are you looking for a temporary traffic management plan, or a permanent design for an existing site? Perhaps have a quick look at this thread for some ideas if you are seeking some advice on a permanent design.

  • Telarc Audits - Re-write your SMS to follow ISO 450001 format
    I would create a navigational guide that can assist the auditor to find what they are looking for. I always say the auditor doesn't live here, but YOU do.

    It's absolutely vital that the system is set up to support the business, not just to make life easy for the auditors - we pay auditors to think, apply, interpret, probe and verify against the criteria, not to dictate the structure.
    Sheri Greenwell

    Your final sentence sums it up very nicely, Sheri, and ditto with Craig, if the system currently in existence is being used correctly and is understood by the users it's intended to protect, adjust the auditor not the system
  • Construction Industry Suicide Prevention Research - Online Presentation for Results-
    Hi Andy
    Thanks for that invite, there won't be anyone reading this who hasn't been touched by a self inflected death. Will your presentation be available to view online for anyone who can't zoom in on the 27th?

  • Lithium Batteries - Little Lucifiers?
    So where can I find out about which products are subject to recalls? In Australia, it's really easy,here in New Zealand, have a look at Product Recalls NZ you can also find fire related recalls here FENZ recall listing
  • Due Diligence and "grey literature"
    and the only thing visible is this damned, neo liberal spiralBen Thomas

    Attention ships at sea, there is a damned neo liberal spiral lying somewhere to the west of New Zealand, mariners are advised to avoid this area at all costs :lol:

    One of my academic research interests is the use of "grey literature". For example, the UK Health and Safety Executive research reports are often very helpful to me.
    So, my question is: What sources do you use that is open access but reliable?
    Chris Peace

    Yes I have found the UKHSE useful too Chris, Dr Google never fails to pull in information, how reliable and relevant to the situation in New Zealand is always the 64K dollar question.
  • Due Diligence and "grey literature"
    I realise that I will be in a minority on this forum and will be excoriated for my backward views but since I shall soon be retiring I am more than happy to take on the role of cave dweller.Ben Thomas

    When you make the move Ben, you'll find the hours and conditions are great :smile:

    But buried somewhere in that paper is an interesting idea, if only someone could translate it for us.
    Any volunteers?
    Peter Bateman
    Not me Captain

    Isn't the use of an SRA part of the reason that the engineer in overall charge of the design of the CTV building wriggled away from prosecution for his part in that buildings demise in the February Earthquake?
  • Whataiti Kino - Better Work NZ
    Most people, including the head of the union, thought Pike River was going more than all rightAndrew

    Want to elaborate on that Andrew, and how it sits with a forum set up by WorkSafe to try and improve things, and by things I mean the lack of improvement in the stats of workplace deaths and serious hard accidents (the latter steadily increasing)
  • New Regulations - Plant, Machinery, Work at height
    Yes for plant and machinery, but still in development, and have been for 18 months, haven't heard that they have some consultative papers available yet. Haven't heard anything as far as changes to height regs/COP