• How does pay in H&S compare?
    Worrying trend I am starting to see is hiring a health and safety professional with the expectation of being an administrator, trainer, advisor, incident investigator, auditor and business partner all wrapped up in one and not pay market related salary for the skills and experience
  • Should fines be based on PCBU turnover?
    It would be a good practice to adopt as the concept of workplace practices needs to be based on continuous improvement, whilst holding PCBUs accountable for transgressions that are affordable and enable them to stay in business so that their employees can continue working, and not join the unemployment line.
  • Having an accident Investigation scale dependent on the event
    Change the toolbox to behaviour based discussion(works best in team environment)

    What be behavior led to the to the incident?
    What behavior needs to change to ensure the incident does not re-occur.

    The team member who had the accident and the team they in need to do before and after photo's and present the topic at the monthly toolbox bbq's.
  • Smoking in a workshop.
    Find a designated area for smoking away from the workshop and people. Put an ashtray there. And ensure the employee keeps the area clean
  • Three questions - have your say!
    Topic 1:
    If you want to to shift the conversation so that the discussion with business is about how to achieve better work take the discussion out the boardroom and bring it to the people. Train your people leaders how to have safety conversations, have a system in place that makes it easy to report hazards, incidents. Put in a "better way" system that if the team suggest an idea, trail it for 3 months and and months and implement if successful. Don't leave it to the H&S people, incorporate safety into all aspects of operations so it becomes the 'new normal'.

    Topic 2:
    Have ACC recognize it as a issue and not treat it as 'something that happens with age i.e. degenerative disease'. Fines are useless if nothing is been done to resolve the issues and workers are not involved. Keep the training simple and ensure it is a topic discussed through the month.

    Topic 3:
    Put proposals out, get employees and involved and encourage feedback BEFORE spending the money on projects to benefit H&S instead of AFTER spending the money and telling the staff what the benefits are
  • Measurement of H&S performance
    Reporting of near misses and hazards. Put in a system for suggestions and improvements. Include ideas for wellbeing
  • Coronavirus
    Hi All

    I highly recommend having a look at the Gartner website.

    Very informative and some great resources. If you don't have a plan in place or need to update this is a good place to start.

    Definitely worth registering via email with them.

    Toolkit: Pandemic Preparedness Briefing